Analogy of shadow in twin flames

Analogy of shadow in twin flames

Analogy of shadow in twin flames


Is the representation of everything hidden in us that we don’t want to see.

At the encounter of our flame or archetypes animus arises in us the need for balance, same which will lead us inward or to the Self, the meeting with ourselves is to solve everything that does not let us be, is remove r all that is found covered by the shadow,

so there are resistances to enter it, one of the most common resistances in the psyche is avoiding going inside thinking that all the bad things go away magically.

In LLg, the shadow begins to dilute remaining exposed all that pending to heal, which seems to be hard, so begins the resistance that can be the dynamics of the runner and the hunter, the dynamics avoid and at the same time forces us to stop optimally going to be opening up step over and remove the shadow.

In dynamics we each resist looking within and project ourselves onto each other. Both are running from themselves, this is called resistance, our psyche is resisting change.

We get anxious, when hunting energy is involved.

 so we do not look into what we have to face to go to us, we focus on the other, in what he does, says or thinks, we even think for him, we invent what he will think of us, we do everything to interpret his process, focus less on our being, in ourselves, in balancing our masculine.

They become distant, inaccessible, impenetrable, do not let anyone between nor themselves, for if they see within if they would have to see what they do not want to see,

such as infant wounds, wounds made by people who thought reliable, est or makes them flee from whoever intends to enter into their inner (from the archetype of the soul) flee from their inner feminine side, which connects them to their self.

Decide not to believe that they have a spiritual side, kind, receptive and open, on the contrary they close themselves,

placing themselves in an inaccessible place for their (inner soul) do not want to see, although something forces them to do so, because they resist cias make us more aware of that what we want to escape.

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Analogy of shadow in twin flames
Analogy of shadow in twin flames
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