My story of love & forgivenes

My story of love & forgivenes

By Heba Morgan My story of love & forgivenes 

Since I was child I surrounded myself by a tough wall to prevent people from felling pathetic towards me because I was a very special case.

The story of mine started at 1992, as a normal child I got sick and

my parents drove me to a very successful doctor ,he told them that I’ve “Thalassemia” and I must transfer blood every 15 days, but you

know what happened after transfer blood for more than 20 years

till now?!! I discover that I shouldn’t have a blood transfer at all,

and this doctor identify my case as “Thalassemia” by wrong.

Now could you imagine how I lived my life since then ?!!

Absolutely you can’t ever imagine that, so let me tell all of you

what I’ve already act through this past years.

First I’ll share my story of love with you.

Of course after my family know about my disease they

give me a very special treatment ,they loved me more and

took a very good care of me ,tried so hard to make my study

so easy , prevent me from playing with the other children, they

didn’t allow me to ride a bike ,and not even allowed me to go alone

to anywhere, so I received a lot of love at this period ,but on the other

side I was scare from people’s love because I felt suspicious about their

Internal motives, I believed they loved me or may be will love me in the

future out of pity not love ,and for this reason I did all my

best to keep a distance between me and people who already

know about my disease , As for those whom have no idea

about my medical history I gave them my friendship with

no regret and without doubt because I believed that they

really love me for my true self not for my suffering, but

unfortunately I’ve spoiled everything after I failed to

distinguish between feelings of pity and feelings of  love

which my first love felt towards me, so I lost him forever.

As about my story of forgiveness I wish I could write it in

a book not just article, Jackson Brown once said “Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness”, but I say “You don’t need any virtue except

forgiveness, you can imagine a life without money, success or even without love, but you never imagine a life without forgiveness”.

Now let me tell you something, if one day somebody hurt you

and you decided to hate him forever, in this case you will put

him in your heart with a negative feelings and bad memories,

and even if you are the most rich,  successful, and lovable

person in the world, you’ll never taste the true feeling of

satisfy and you’ll still feel as if there is something missed

and wrong in your life ,because your hatred towards this

person keep you away from your fully happiness.

So I decided to give people a space to love me as they

wish and I’ll never punish them because their motives behind

loving me aren’t sincerely, I finally admitted that I can’t control

how people say, love, and act towards me, I just can control mine

towards them ,and I promised myself that I’ll took “Forgiveness”

as a habit in my life not because I’m an angel who can’t hold a

grudge against people but because I love myself and want to

live my life without hatred.

So, my advice for all of you is to try hence forward to live

your life peacefully through taking love and forgiveness as a life style.

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