Is there a painful stage a twin flame

Is there a painful stage a twin flame

The twin flame journey is not only painful, and you have to consider it’s joyful too.

At first please don’t compare.

twin flame connection is a connection between two persons.

So when they are going through a bubble phase, then both of them enjoy happiness.


when they face separation, then both of them feel immense pain.

We can’t say exactly who enjoyed more when they were in bubble phase or who feel more pain when they were in separation. Because we don’t have any tool to measure happiness or pain between two persons.

However, IMHO, for both it’s painful.

There are two types of twin one is matrix twin and another is awakened twin.

But both of them facing separation, so both are facing same pain.

But they are facing challenges in different areas.

When you are in separation, then how do you know what they are doing, how they are living their life.

You are totally detached from them. So you can only assume.

But there is a huge difference between assumption and reality.

Bubble phase or separation both phases are created by the universe for life lessons.

Moreover please don’t forget you are just an actor/actress here, you have given a specific role by the universe here to play.

You have to play your role without changing a bit.

No matter whether you are a matrix twin or awakened twin.

No need to think who is suffering more.

So please don’t compare just live your life blissfully and spread love and compassion.

Hope this helps.

Stay blessed.

However, my answer is only my opinion and shouldn’t be taken as anything more than my opinion.


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