the great connection | simultaneous healing

the great connection |  simultaneous healing
the great connection | simultaneous healing
A message about the great connection that is now taking place in Our hearts by the frequency light of the new age.
The process is deep and powerful, and desires stillness and caution to gently happen in the heartbeat using the deep breaths of the soul
In the pulse of the heart, the soul beats its new breaths. It awaits the final connection at the heart of the new timeline’s light frequency.
It can jump a little in energies and events now. And your whole beings can sometimes feel tired, as if the power is not really there – but it’s just busy with something else.
Your hearts enter into a still frequency, to still your bodies systems. In this silence of calm and dissolution, the interconnection of the new light frequency timeline takes place in Er.
Your hearts are racing more and more in the frequency of the new age. Whoever you were after will feel more and more anchored in. But right now, your hearts may be a little tired. There is so much new that so deep inside them are connected, and that feels a little unfamiliar to you.
Give yourselves time and often breathe deep breaths. Because then the spirit has the opportunity to, through these very deep breaths, add energy to the heart’s process, and this is so extremely valuable.
In your hearts – in this transition that is happening now – the wings of time are beating. Out of the old, the new opens and unfolds. Like a butterfly that for the first time steps out of its pup and spreads the full power of its wings. A little wobbly at first but more stable and steady with every breath.
In the deep redemption of your soul’s energy in the light frequency of the new age, a great presence of your entire being is required. You may feel a greater need than usual to pull away for a while, in order to allow the integration to happen. The depth of the process requires this and You need it.

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the great connection | simultaneous healing
the great connection | simultaneous healing
This is part of the simultaneous healing that takes place in your hearts of old wounds that you leave behind in the transition into the new.
In healing, your light friends and guide masters from the Plejades are more than happy to assist you.
Ask them for help and they will come and help You.
They long to assist You in this love-filled light process.
Even the heart and soul help.
Together they bring you down into the depths.
Breathe, rest and let the calm connect Your soul in the depths of your hearts and breath.
Let the calm awaken You to a new power.
You are sensitive beings of light, and especially in such deep processes as you now need to give yourself a lot of care.
Now is a good time to write down what you leave behind, to clarify the energy of the process in yourselves even more. Of course, you can also write down what new You are entering. And this list you will be able to expand – surprises await you around the corner that has not yet been opened for you.
Rejoice in Your own ability to connect in such deep heart and soul processes. Everything is so new so it’s like you are right now taking the first breath in the new again and again and again – but the woods win.
Through all these breaths, the final meeting in your hearts takes place between the soul and the deep power of the spirit in the light frequency of the new age. Together they integrate into the new light, and guide you from the depths of your hearts and out.
The wingspan of your spirit expands and when the healing of your old wounds in your hearts reaches its climax, the transition into the new takes place with a soft ease and quick energy.
But right now you need to fill your hearts with breath and silence to anchor You in this process – the one where everything sacred happens. For holy is the process. You’ve done it before and now you’re doing it again. And you know that it always leads you exactly where you are going – straight into the light.
So let your hearts be the final switching station of frequency change. You are stronger than you know. You are brighter than you think. And You possess so much more capacity through just Your own being than You yourself understand.
Therefore, surrender yourselves to the being in this process. And let the being permeate the doing. In this way, you join hands and integrate in the depths of your hearts into A completely new era.
And when You allow Your hearts to be carried by Your being, we help You to gently connect the new age into the beat of Your heart – and that is all we can ever ask of You.

Mother Gaia’s Light Being through Oracle Sara

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the great connection | simultaneous healing
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