!?Tora Bora or One Man Show

!?Tora Bora or One Man Show

!?Tora Bora or One Man Show

Written by: Heba Morgan

Today – by chance – I knew the meaning of the name

“Tora Bora”, it is not only a region in eastern Afghanistan;

But in Arabic it means “black dust”, and from here I wondered whether the world is now cursed by the black dust Magic, or

؟! is it afflicted by the curse of One-man show
Let’s first understand what it means “One Man Show”, it is a

term to describe the man who controls everything, makes decisions alone and does not trust anyone, and unfortunately

we are this man; Because anyone may go through a

period when they feel rebellious and want to do everything on their own without any help from others; But my goal today’s doesn’t

aim to translate Tora Bora or One Man Show, but all I aspire to is to know what happened to the world recently.

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This world-that is not deterred by disasters and epidemics-is all standing ready to see the result of a settled election and to watch the African final between Zamalek and Al-Ahly.

Really the world has crossed the edge of Insanity and fell into the abyss of mental illness.
The question here is when did human make the Tora Bora magic for the first time ?? I wonder if black dust

haunted the world after the September attacks, or may be it begun after the Second World War, unfortunately human beings

until now do not realize that the earth has hit them with that curse since the killing of Abel. And the more they kill each others, the more the earth declares

its displeasure and increases its curse, really I wounder how does the Adam’s offspring imagine that The land

which give them it’s mud by god’s willing will leave them alone after they spread corruption and killed those who belong to it ??
As for the curse of “One Man Show”, this is the closest to logic; As the numbers confirm that the fate of 7.8 billion people

depends on one decision from 196 people only, review the number of countries in the world and the number of its population, and you will understand

where those numbers came from; But let’s ask ourselves about the person who caused WWII ?? He’s Hitler,

And who caused the September attacks ?? It is America’s closest ally, and what about the Iraq and Vietnam wars … etc,

the wars that America launched under the name of “getting rid of ?!!terrorism”

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Now do you know when humans should stop asking questions ?? When the answers become intuitive and known; And sooner or later humans will know that only one person

Who was responsible for the Corona pandemic, and that the decision to war and the fate of the entire world is in the hands of people

who are convinced of the idea that-every war-need to victims from civilian; So they never hesitate to sacrifice thousands and millions of people in order to impose their control over the world,

these narcissistic psychopaths treat humans as if they were pawns in a game of chess; And they won’t have no objection

to use human people as long as they’ll say to their enemies in the end “checkmate” .
Now. answer me, dear reader, is the world suffering from the curse of Tora Bora or One Man Show ?!

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