Harvest of The Horror Year 2020

Harvest of The Horror Year 2020

Written by: Heba Morgan

24 hours remain until the end of a year that claimed hundreds of thousands

of lives and leave the entire world in the darkness

of terror, anxiety and anticipation, that it is not only the year of the Corona but rather the year of the harvest – or so it seems as

for me – because the disasters that afflicted everyone in 2020 is nothing but the harvest season of their oppression.

Because Innocent people – many years ago – are still drinking from the cup of scourges of cold wars related to

economy and trade, and was hurt from endless conflicts, and now let us recall some of the defining events in human history

that have cast their shadows on the world since the beginning of 2020.

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Let’s start with a scene adapted from the movie “Knowing” for

Nicholas Cage, as if it predicts the future, a scene of

the burning of more than a billion animals in the Australian bush fires, and we can say that this incident was the first bad omen

that raised the alarm of the new year, as for the most prominent incident that followed the Australian disaster was the assassination of Qassem Soleimani

by a drone that was flying in an American raid. I remember at the time that the whole world was waiting for World War III

after Iran had threatened America with a retaliatory response that would start the attack on the American bases in Iraq, and

in fact Iran launched two ballistic missiles at two American military bases in Iraq.

And, as a form of indirect retaliation, hidden hands shot down a Ukrainian airliner on Iranian soil, as a result of which

all 176 passengers died, and it is no doubt that this incident was intended to distract Iran from the promised revenge.

Unfortunately, they deceived us by saying that Corona attacked humans in 2020, while

December 2019 had already planted the seeds of the pandemic in Wuhan, China; And because human beings are enemies

of what they do not know, So Chinese officials attacked the legendary doctor, “Won Li Yang,” who

warned the authorities about the

new epidemic, but human stupidity made them ignore his seeks until he died due to Corona in February 2020, to become

the first victims of Corona among the doctors and the first to discover a danger The pandemic, and we cannot

deny that the World Health Organization is also responsible for the pandemic because

it waited until March 11 to declare that

Corona is a global pandemic despite the virus wandering freely across borders since January 2020; And because

the pandemic was a catastrophe that surpasses the plague of antiquity and the Middle Ages; Therefore, the world had

no choice but to hide, close its doors and airports, and wait – in silence – awaiting for their inevitable fate, and

this inevitable fate set the days of 2020 with more than 73 million cases and more than a million deaths around

the world, knowing that USA alone It witnessed the worst side of the pandemic, after the number of Corona victims

on its territory exceeded the number of victims of the Second World War; But at the beginning of this month, the wing of

hope fluttered on the horizon after the approval of several vaccines to confront the pandemic.

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And before we turn the pages of the disasters, we cannot forget Hiroshima 2020, which occurred in Beirut

on the afternoon of Tuesday 4 August, specifically in Ward No. 12 of the Port of Beirut after a huge explosion – which occurred

in two stages – resulting in the burning of thousands of tons of ammonia nitrate, leaving behind more than 170 dead, and more than 6,000 others injured.

 As for America and Russia, the notable events in it were the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, the opponent

of Russian President Vladimir Putin, after doubts that he was targeted by Russian intelligence agents, and

on the other hand, we find that the most prominent event in 2020 was the victory of Democratic candidate

Joe Biden over his Republican Trump’s rival in The American elections, despite the existence of question marks set by

the “CNN” network, which asked about the role of the network of Internet trolls in Ghana with Russian support, in affecting the American elections 2020.

Now let us leave the tragic events and talk about the most sporting events that drew a smile on the faces of millions, and

let us start with the end of the century that included – for the first time – two teams from one country fighting for the title of

African champion; And as usual, Al-Ahly won the title, and – also – won the Egyptian League and Cup championships, and

Liverpool ended their lean years and won the English League after a 30-year drought, and we cannot forget

the Barcelona scandal after losing to Bayern (8-2) in the Champions League, which It was the biggest defeat

for Barca in 69 years, and in the end, Bayern managed to clinch the Champions League title for the third time in the last four years.

And we must not forget that the year 2020 shook Messi’s confidence in his club, which prompted him to leave Barcelona, and we should not turn the pages of this year,

which left his mark on all of our hearts, except after presenting our wishes for a speedy recovery to Moamen Zakaria, and

bid farewell to the football legend, Maradona.

In conclusion, I can only wish a Happy New Year

to our beloved Egypt, and to all my dear readers in Egypt and

abroad, and I pray that the world learns from the lesson

of 2020 and puts its Conflicts aside to overcome future crises, and

on the personal level I hope that Zamalek will have a year full of victories, and

that 2021 bring happy days -As a simple compensation – to

the whole world for the disasters and tragedies of 2020, and I wish God’s could protect you every year.

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