!! What is a tantra massage

!! What is a tantra massage

Tantra Massage is a leaf out of Tantra Yoga.

It’s an effort to experience the very deepest valley of relaxation.

Awakening of your dormant kundalini energy, enabling it to move upwards.

Making one revitalize their energy which is livelier, more alive, and more radiant.

The goal of the tantra massage is to awaken the seven chakras along the spine of the body in an effort to awaken the sleeping Kundalini from its rest and make it move upwards.



Tantra massage sets out to free blocked energy throughout the body and awaken the Kundalini, potent energy that lies to rest at the base of the spine.

When the Kundalini rises from its restful state, it spreads out along the spine and precipitates healing throughout the body.

Practitioners and people connected to the working of the human energy system might be able to relate to its working or may know a lot about it

but surprisingly I have come across a lot of people both offline and online having a lot of misconception about tantra massage thus it’s my sincere effort to throw some light on the given topic.


To start with let us try to understand the working of tantra massage in the most simple layman terms possible.

As we all know the most important part of the fruit is its seed. When the seed germs the fruit ripens from outside and falls down. Similarly, we as humans have something like seeds called Chakras in yogic terminology and Endocrine glands in scientific terminology.

Every Chakra has a certain role to play in the physical, psychological, and emotional plane.

We all humans have one prime energy within us called the kundalini energy or the sexual energy or any other name one may call it.

The energy is dormant in our base chakra.

The energy here is so powerful that it can give birth to a new life, a new baby.

The same energy, when used for our upliftment, has the potential to make us a superman or superwoman.

But sadly we as humans waste this energy either for sensual pleasure or procreation.

Tantra is about the transcendence of our own sexual energy.

It’s about the rise in our sexual energy rather than fall.

The entire purpose is to recharge and regenerate one’s sexual energy rather than waste it.

It’s as simple as charging our batteries.

As we all know once batteries are charged its overall performance improves significantly.

Energy is movement. It simply signifies growth.

It has been a futile effort for centuries to control or curtail our energy which has lead to madness and chaos everywhere around.

There is no point in fighting against our own energy.

Instead of fighting against it, tantra massage aims at giving its direction by channelizing it to move upwards to be absorbed by higher chakra’s to attain a more balanced equanimous state.

In tantra massage, our potent energy is channelized to move upwards rather than downwards, and through its upward movement, it is able to awaken all the chakra’s which comes in its way thereby charging and empowering all of them in the process.

Just as how the force of water cleans and sweeps the entire house, upward movement of our energy cleanses and energizes all chakras.


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What is a tantra massage
What is a tantra massage


The goal of the tantra massage is to awaken the seven chakras along the spine of the body in an effort to awaken the sleeping Kundalini from its rest and make it move upwards.

Benefits of Tantra massage can be experienced both on physical (form) as well as formless levels.

On the physical level, it has miraculous anti-aging benefits since one’s sexual energy is recharged and rejuvenated. It aims to work in the center rather than on the periphery.

Once that your sexual gland is empowered at the center, your body on the periphery would never grow old. Plain and simple.

On the formless level, one is able to experience unconditional bliss and joy of his being as one is able to come out of cobwebs of habitual thinking.

One is able to experience the blissful state of timelessness and ego lessness which is nothing but just a realization of one’s true self.

We all experience this blissful state for a fraction of a second in our intimate orgasmic state.

But since it’s just a momentary state, we are unable to hold onto it and thus the universal craving of having it over and over again.

The reason why tantra is often referred to as the valley of orgasm and also called the ORGASMIC MEDITATION technique is that it allows the recipient to soak in the blissful state for a prolonged period of time.

Tantra massage immensely helps people suffering from emotional pain body or emotional distress. Every thought gives rise to an emotion.

Since we as humans normally suppress a lot of our emotions during various phases of our lives.

This build-up in suppressing one’s emotion over the period of time gives rise to something called the “Emotion Pain Body” which lingers in one’s energy field and often the reason for emotional pain and suffering.

Tantra Massage serves as one of the very powerful tools for breaking free from emotional pain body as the recipient would often catch themselves crying or blushing unconditionally through the process.

It’s just one of the ways of breaking free from what is suppressed over the period of time.

That is one of the reasons one is able to feel immensely light after the session as if the monkey is off your back.

What is a tantra massage

Thus the steps of tantra massage can be explained in four simple steps:

1. Empowering it to move upwards through the breathing technique guided by the therapist.

2- Relaxing the physical body and creating a pathway for the energy to move freely.

3. Freeing the body and mind from emotional pain body.

4. Awakening of one’s kundalini energy.

I trust the above answer was able to share some light


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What is a tantra massage
What is a tantra massage


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