FDHRD Issues a New Report On the Features of Human Rights In the Metaverse

FDHRD Issues a New Report On the Features of Human Rights In the Metaverse

FDHRD Issues a New Report On the Features of Human Rights In the Metaverse

Today, Monday,14 February 2022, the Unit of Studies and Research at the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue, issued a new report entitled: (The Features of Human Rights In the Metaverse).

The report presented a perception of the nature of human rights in light of the developments of artificial intelligence, especially metaverse, and discussed the violations that might occur in light of that. The report also cited several international conventions and covenants that guarantee the protection of human rights.

The report also presented the pros and cons of metaverse, and how it can be a double-edged weapon, which may help us manage life’s affairs more easily, and may hinder us and lead us to a difficult lifestyle, hindering us from moving forward. The world of metaphysics may expose children to many violations of sexual exploitation, prostitution, pornography and trafficking.

It may increase bullying, discrimination and racism among different human groups; In this technological era, through the applications of Facebook, Instagram, and others, we find many cases of bullying, verbal abuse and sarcasm, which originate the existence of many societal ills and behavioral deviations.

The report touched on the future of human urbanization within metaverse, and how countries began discussing building embassies and institutions through metaverse.

And the extent of the impact on individuals through it.

The report referred to the transparency and credibility of the artificial application companies in preserving the privacy and security of users, whether or not they were circulating all information related to protecting and preserving consumer safety, and also discussed tricks and clashes between major companies in this field.

The report clarified what affects the basic rights that may be subject to failure, namely freedom of opinion and expression, equality, discrimination of all kinds, the right to privacy and safety, aggression and coercion, bullying and the protection of people with disabilities.

In conclusion, the report indicated several recommendations that must be taken into account to mitigate the risks of the current massive technological developments that we are witnessing in our world.

These recommendations include recommendations for individuals, recommendations for governments and legislatures, and recommendations for companies.

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Features of Human Rights In Metaverse
Features of Human Rights In Metaverse
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