Dedicated to my twin flame

Dedicated to my twin flame

Dedicated to my twin flame, best friend, protector and husband
Sun and Moon
Inside an ancient tribe, thousands of years ago, two souls imprinted on each other.

During that mesmerizing moment their hearts became entwined, forevermore beating to a single captivating rhythm.

One lover like the sun and the other like the moon. Neither could exist without the other.

Neither ever wanted to.
Adoration enveloped their sacred union.

Living each day waiting for that paradoxical moment when the sliver of sunset’s light would meet with nightfall.

It was at that moment they were allowed to bask in the depth and sheer beauty of each others’ love and compassion.
Oh, the dance of intimacy that ensued, once they were finally reunited in their lover’s embrace, was like a fire – hot and brilliant.

Being without each other was too much for their enflamed bodies and souls to endure.

He clung to her and she to him, like gravity clings to all mass and light on earth.

Inside each one’s chest was the land of dreams for the other.

They were finally home.
He loved her so deeply – each day he was completely astounded at how much more than the previous day he worshipped her.

The beautiful star-like orbs in her eyes were a vortex of indescribable beauty.

He never, never felt that he could drink in enough of her.

Sometimes he imagined his very being would burst because she filled him to capacity – and yet he always needed more.

She was his elixir of life.
Her heart beat with marvellous wonder at the mere notion that his heart pulsed in this very world, with hers. She couldn’t remember her life – how she moved, spoke, ate, breathed! – before him.

His strong yet gentle touch was her infinite source of comfort and his sweet breathe: her reason for gratitude every single minute.

She was moulded into an image of this mortal woman’s body to fit him perfectly.
Thousands of years ago two bodies parted in death, their souls vowing to find each other over and over, throughout time.

Both knowing, without a doubt, they would recognize each other despite the shape or form they meet as; that their souls would pulsate with a love so strong that the other would feel it no matter where in the world they found themselves.

This is how deeply they loved.
Space and circumstance were no match for their destiny.

Not then…and not this time either.
“I found you”, she whispered with relief.

“I love you”, he murmured as he smiled and inhaled her scent. 

The definition of Divine Feminine

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Dedicated to my twin flame, best friend, protector and husband
Dedicated to my twin flame, best friend, protector and husband

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