144.000 illuminated twin flames have incarnated

144.000 illuminated twin flames have incarnated
144.000 illuminated twin flames have incarnated
Twin Flame Union is a Service to Humanity..
Twin Flame Reunion.
The Twin Flame Ascension Journey
144.000 illuminated twin flames have incarnated
on planet earth to assist humanity during global ascension. They’re called the illuminated twin flames because these beings can hold a light frequency higher than any other being within a dense human body.
Photon and Gamma light beams are coming to earth piercing the cells of every living organism.
The beings who are able to integrate this light first, are the illuminated ones, making it easier for others to access this light energy.
144.000 is the number that was allowed by the alliance, ensuring the free-will of humanity wouldn’t be violated. There are other beings of light and more twin flames incarnated by now.
The 144.000 were just one of many waves of very high evolved beings who were sent to earth to fulfill one of the numerous special tasks.
In recent years many twin flames reunited.
It is a rare feeling of indescribable love with an unprecedented depth that overcomes one when they meet their twin flame. It appears as the fulfillment of an inherent wish to become one with another person -even if you didn’t know you had this kind of wish before you meet your twin flame.
With the completion of earth’s ascension to the fifth-dimensional frequency, a photon-belt will be stretched around our planet. This belt will protect our planet’s time and space reality from being raided by any other species again.
Other planets have similar protection light-belts too. This is why when humans land on a planet they find nothing there… You need to have the correct coordinates to enter through the time-space portal if you want to visit and see another extraterrestrial civilization.
This photon belt will bring thousands of years of peace to Gaia where the species of earth can live and thrive in 5D -heaven on earth.
The twin flames have agreed to come to this realm during this time of drastic change and go through the immense pain, drama, and most importantly amnesia process to meet and reunite with their divine counter-part.
It is the love these beings have for each other that helps rebuild the photon belt of earth.
This planet is learning that the unconscious way humans lived life did not serve them well. Humanity is awakening to the truth that their ways are not sustainable anymore and that the systems they have built, believed in, and protected are being shattered in front of their eyes.
As the planet is going through an immense mass awakening phase, peoples of earth understand the role which sexuality and most importantly its distortion played in their enslavement game.
As more and more people learn about the satanism in which a limited and broken form of sexuality played a major role, they begin each to question their own sexuality, and bit by bit the way sexuality was regarded and practiced is changing.
Sexuality is the most sacred and powerful act of spirituality.
It is what connects you with the divine, activates your Kundalini energy that runs through your 12-Chakra system, and finally awakens your Christ-Consciousness. That is what ascension means.
When sacred sex is performed by twin flames, fully heart-centered and conscious, by two ancient lovers who worship each other as Gods, powerful rays of energy emit from the couple which repairs the photon belt.
And even more… The love they create within their relationship makes this love frequency accessible to other beings. It raises the vibratory level of earth and all Her sentient life.
Often twin flames have been infiltrated in various ways by the dark leaders who wish nothing more than to stop the human race from ascension.
There might be emotional trauma, addictions, relationship damage, financial issues, physical distance is almost a given, and many other problems that can and must be overcome to fulfill the divine plan.
It is their life’s purpose, their soul’s mission, their Dharma.
If you have always wished for someone who you can trust and love so dearly that you could lose yourself in them, you have a twin flame.
The meeting of twin flames is imminent.
Their union is the divine plan.

Differences Between a True Twin Flame and a False Twin Flame

144.000 illuminated twin flames have incarnated
144.000 illuminated twin flames have incarnated
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