Things to know about twin flame stages .. Passion and Lust

Things to know about twin flame stages .. Passion and Lust

We absolutely do.

at times so much alike and similarly minded we read or know one another’s thoughts. Even at great distances apart. Both physical as well as emotional distance. I find it intriguing too that we both are very opposite in other ways. Seems like half our characters and personalities mimic identically and the other halves oppose identically.

If that makes any sense. Like soft and hard or nice and mean etc.

very exciting and very frightening it can be. Very difficult and very easily

the natural ebb and flow of soul mate relationships

twin flame stages
twin flame stages

Ok, so breathe. This is YOU. You are already in union in the 5d your body is just figuring it out.

Best advice live in the now moment and radiate as much love as you can especially when around your twin. Know that if not all is healed this is where you will be triggered more and if you can look at the things that come up as the outside observer and notice but not react to your triggers you will be so much happier. You can deal with them once you align with your higher self and are compelled to action by it.

I had a similar situation happen to me. My best advice to you is don’t engage while he is still married. It will only be detrimental to you. The pull is very strong, so I don’t say this lightly. Tell him, “no thanks”, and let him work through whatever he needs to without your interference.

Twin flame or not, he is married and going home to another woman, whom I’m sure he loves and cares about. Let him be. Don’t allow yourself to get pulled into the drama of being a third party. This is how heartbreak happens.

I am not sure if my Twin can sense what I am doing etc as we have not been in communication nearly 4 years ,but I can certainly feel what he is experiencing ,thinking, emotions etc, I seem to be the spiritual one though ?

…in fact we discovered when we met I always did sense him,I just genuinely presumed I probably had some form of bipolar…but now that I understand its his emotions I’m experiencing and not mine, it has made my life a whole lot more understanding…when we were in communication he in fact backed up every time I asked him why he was crying ,or what had him angry ,anxious etc …example : I don’t drink but he has a problem with alcohol, and I would get the urge to go on a binge when feeling deeply emotional ,only I don’t because I don’t like the taste of it,I never did,I know its only a small example but its huge to me as it shows me how much he effects how I am feeling most days ?

Apart from that I am constantly sent information through vivid dreams, visions and whispered words (?) about where he is in his life, whom he is with ,and how he is feeling in general.

I’m not sure about the ‘matrix’ twin, but the spiritual twin has always felt they’re twin before they even ever met, which makes sense why at 10 years old my whole life changed ,my twin came into the world in that same year

Things to know about twin flame
Things to know about twin flame stages .. Passion and Lust
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