How can I get my twin flame out of my head

How can I get my twin flame out of my head

You don’t have to necessarily “get over them” or “get them out of your head”.

If they are a real twin soul, you usually cannot forget or get over them to be honest. They are like a third arm that you didn’t know you had, and the harder you try to forget them, the more it will torment you.

It’s more about letting go of expectations and predicted outcomes, and letting go of the emotional need to be validated, noticed, and acknowledged by them.

Focus on you. Love yourself. Love yourself so much that you get to a point that you don’t care about what they are doing, saying, or thinking.

The more you love yourself, the sooner they will show up like a lost puppy.

Your energy will raise and drag them with you.

Two weeks ago I got into an huge argument with someone in my life and I stood up for myself.

I stood my ground and I felt completely on top of the world. It felt amazing! Something shifted inside of me.

I loved myself enough to fight back. And do you know what happened when I did this?

I caught my twin stalking me online. Red-handed. He’s back. Again. He’s chasing.

And I’m ignoring.

He’s scared to death of me, but when you raise your energy and vibration, they show up. Instantly.

It’s funny to watch it happen. But all that aside, focus on you.

That’s when the magic happens.



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How can I get my twin flame out of my head
How can I get my twin flame out of my head


You never forget them.

If you’ve ever had a child you would understand the unconditional love but it’s MORE. It’s loving yourself. And letting them go.

You HAVE to let them go.

When you let them go they may come back they may not but you have learned to completely LOVE yourself.

They are usually a catalyst to show you the weaknesses of you ego and you have to let THAT go too.

You learn to live in the moment because you fixate on them. Fixate on the moment instead and find peace. The obsession will pass as you accept yourself.


They KNOW you love them but they fear you as unconditionally as you love them.

It is a SPIRITUAL experience.

When you go through the dark night of the soul because of them you realize you are born alone and you will die alone.


More than anything else the twin flame journey is a journey into yourself.

A journey of infinite love for all.


How can I get my twin flame out of my head
How can I get my twin flame out of my head

I can only talk out of experience.

Ive been there – it’s hard because when you are in the cusp of feels like you can never come out of it.

It consumes you and you go through a lot of “what ifs” but time helps you learn, grow, expect different outcomes and you surrender knowing you cant stress and change outcomes and things (whatever it may be ) will take its course.

I am yet to see anything and I havent seen any actions from my twin but I feel relieved amd I am focused on my life even though he is always at the back of my head.

Focus on self is all I can say.

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How can I get my twin flame out of my head
How can I get my twin flame out of my head
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