Why is my twin flame story always in my head 

Why is my twin flame story always in my head 
  1. You have been resisting it and running from it, hence your spirit team reminds it to you again and again to your you on your soul path.
  2. Acceptance is the key.
  3. It will keep following you till you accept and embrace your soul path without fear and resistance.
  4. Stop victimizing yourself and see the deeper truths.
  5. You want to tell me you think there is a way out? To escape the other half of your soul?

    There is no way out. I blocked my TF when we were separated, literally did everything to get off that hook, but whatever I did – it came back around. I was searching for her traits in other women without even knowing it..

    After 3 months just when I thought I was beginning to “heal” and get used to the new reality of life without her, she shows up at my doorstep wanting to come back.

    Really? After all that pain.. I said “No way in hell I’m getting back together to experience that pain all over again”

    And here we are, together, 3 years in reunion.. which screams the phrase “Never say never” louder than anything I’ve ever heard in full silence over the course of my life.

    The soul cannot deny. It’s not just the heart. An aching heart can heal, but an aching soul? That’s a pain that will last forever. It’s a pain that makes you want to stop existing.

    But it’s also a pain that crushes your soul and shatters your ego into a million pieces. It will make you scream “WHY?” to the universe and cause you to search deep into your soul to find out the meaning of all this. Of life, of love, of pain, of existence, of our purpose in life and our mission.

    If it’s a true Twin Flame match, you will always search and find each other, no matter what happens between you two. It’s a life time bond, and will continue to the after life after reunion – and that’s not your choice to make. It might SEEM like you have control over it, but you definitely don’t.

    The universe will align you two together like two lost magnets slowly pulling towards each other, that is your destiny.

    Others who will revolve around your separation will serve as tools and means only to get you to realize there is no one else to replace them.

    It isn’t called a Twin Flame connection by chance.. because a Flame cannot be separated, it exists as one being – and it either exists, or it doesn’t.

    Please be careful about a public forum like this and be mindful of where you ask such questions and who you allow entering your personal space. Because there are a lot of people here, (the so-called non-believers) who are not on the same path as yours and usually keep commenting on twin flame questions, (I can already see a few replying to you, and i am highly concerned) often in joking way, insulting way, a toxic way which may disturb your mental peace.

    It’s not their fault, that’s where they are in their life, however, you need to protect your interests and seek from the right places. A public forum is certainly not that place for such open invites on twin flame advice.


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