twin flame spiritual connection

twin flame spiritual connection

I would hope one/they/you would go into therapy prior to long, careful reflection and consideration.

There are no twin flames.

The entire idea is almost delusional. So really, therapy should be sought as soon as possible.

My “twin flame” and I both went back into therapy after we turned each other’s lives upside-down.

She is currently taking sleeping pills to cope with her insomnia. I have quit all intoxicants.

Therapy is needed when you know you have a lot of unhealed wounds and trauma from the past that you know has shaped the way you view life (well ..this is basically for everyone).

Because these little things that are not so little will rear its head when seperation has to happen. Dealing with your own problems will help you handle the seperation a lot better.

So yes, I would recommend that for you

Yes , get psychological help for thinking that twin flames exist .

Not only for this reason but because l have to say that the mountain ( you ) laboured ( long careful reflection & consideration) to decide you need therapy after your world turned upside down due to an imaginary twin flame ….. & brought forth a mouse ( your conclusion ) .

This idiotic concept is all the more so as there are not even twin flames in nature anyway .

My take on this is that you have been going through this fairly recently and have yet to sort it all out.

The beginning stages are confusing and it plays with your mind and that, in turn, wears you out and down.

If you can’t cope, you should most definitely seek psychiatric care.

I did, but it was months before I started finding out about the Twin Flame journey.

But…I am bipolar, have ADHD, PTSD, anxiety/panic disorder, so that made my case more severe.

I was put on strong meds that gave me a perfect balance and they got me through the worst part of it.

I got off the meds on my own, cold turkey after about two years and I don’t regret doing that, nor do I regret going on them.

They were the best thing for me at the time.

You shouldn’t feel bad about having to resort to seeking mental health guidance.

The most important thing, first and foremost is your health, that includes mental, not only physical.

I had to go on my mental health meds because my mental decline was also affecting me physiologically.

So, you do what’s best for you.

Therapy is probably useful for those who are self willingly putting themselves insides a box to lessen the pain at the initial stage.

Before I have awakened, I admit I would feel more comfortable if there was a theory that explains twin flame phenomenon was just temporary, and I would soon revert back to my normal self.

Ten years passed, the unique feeling is still as vivid as yesterday.

How far you would like to stretch your boundary is strictly a personal matter, and the core of this experience is spiritual, although there are moments additional energy is being transferred through your heightened sense of sensuality, with or without your counterpart’s physical presence.

Don’t discount the magic of this process that could potentially transform yourself into someone new and see through the world through a different len.

You would love and feel more deeply, and enjoy each moment of your life, if you allow yourself to live through this roller coaster ride.

Roman 12:2

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what’s God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will”

Every person is different. There are no rules.

If you decide you want to deal with your twin flame by seeking help or therapy, that’s your choice. It may not be a good one, since you will never be rid of your twin flame, but it’s still your choice to make.

You may choose to bury your feelings about your twin flame, but it won’t work, in the end. Somehow those feelings will just keep resurfacing, sometimes transformed into something nasty. No matter how long and careful your reflection and consideration, choosing to reject your twin flame never works well.

You have the choice to do this, but you also have the choice to accept and surrender, which is the only way that twin flames ever resolve their conflict and separation.


What It Means to Find Your Twin Flame
twin flame spiritual connection

When one realizes that they are on some journey which is related to a profound soul connection ( call it twin flames or not) – is a deep internal journey!

By the time you arrive at a juncture and can say with hundred percent clarity and knowing that this person is your twin flame — there is a shift inside! You have arrived at a major milestone in your spiritual journey.

At this stage you won’t feel that you need any outside help to validate your thoughts. You have already passed the primary test!


Coming to second part of your question:

Your world turning upside down is a very initial stage of your awakening after the encounter with this person. This is integral and inevitable part of the awakening process – because without this turmoil you (your soul) is not going to wake up!!

Do you need a therapy? No! Absolutely not! Therapy is needed for those who are ill. Or have a mental disease. You aren’t having any of it!

Also there is a major dis-alignment here: any therapist who is going to talk to you is going to treat you in a very logical and rational way, clinical way. This person isn’t necessarily aware of spiritual awakening and only knows or understands things in earthly way. Such a person may or will miss out the main point WHY you are feeling what you are feeling and will try and give you all the rational reasons of what you are feeling. (Those are not going to be the actual reasons though.)

So going to a clinical therapy will not work. Max you could do is consult someone who is already on this path and can provide you with some tips.

Remember, this journey is not for the faint hearted and for those who are not willing to go inside themselves and seek from your own inner guidance!

This is a spiritual journey of self discovery and transformation. No therapist could probably understand that and it was never meant to be for involving therapists.


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