My twin flame’s husband is a personification of Hades

My twin flame’s husband is a personification of Hades

Let your twin flame’s husband be Hades or Aither, you are NOT here to compete with them.

  1. Your twin flame’s spouse is not your competition. If you are viewing it that way, it’s a mere waste of time on your spiritual journey.
  2. They are a karmic/soulmate partner of your twin and playing equally important role in their life the way you do.
  3. Twin flame connection is not a karmic romantic connection. It is a spiritual connection with a higher purpose.

Twin flame connection is not an extra marital affair or a replacement to marriage. Then two meet to activate their spiritual growth and soul purpose.


Wow how did that happen?

I mean usually people have to have sex to get pregnant.

But somehow your husband got you pregnant on purpose and you were counting on the man you were leaving to be responsible for the birth control?

Did you not use your own birth control because you have no ability to go to the pharmacy and get some?

Maybe you don’t see an GYN?

If you planned on leaving him then maybe you should have been honest and up front about it.

Maybe not have sex with the man you planned on leaving or are you saying he abused you and you had no choice?.

Either way you are not trapped. You have choices as to what to do next.

Leave him and after you have the baby you can hand it over to him since you don’t want it.

No one says you have to raise it and since he did it on purpose he can continue what he started.

You have choices in this situation no one is trapped in this scenario.


Can Twin Flames Be Platonic
My twin flame husband

Well, one is an ending and the other is “Hold my drink”, while I go do some stuff.

One is painful but short lived pain, the other is painful as in “purging all of your ancestral wounds”. One is permanent, the other is a stage of your journey.

Lastly, one you don’t ever get over you just learn to live with and balance the energy that is created by the perceived loss, the other you will forget about and appreciate why it’s over.

When we think about anyone we’ve date or been in a relationship with, once it’s done you can see why it didn’t work out. With your twin flame it won’t be that easy to see lessons right away. You’ll just feel pain and as someone said it’s like losing someone you love. At first it’s a very very deep pain. Even when I didn’t understand the relationship I would still feel pain for the confusion the relationship created.

There is no mistaking the two but even before you “breakup” there is no mistaking the connection. It’s not “normal”. It had the push and pull dynamic but it also has this deepening love growing inside you, not just for your twin but all mankind. You awaken to your true self with your twin flame.

There is no comparison of the intensity of this relationship versus a “normal” one.

As you move into acceptance, you have a deeper sense of knowing that this is just a step in your journey you both agreed as souls to undertake together (even while in the illusion of separation).

Think of who you have become or are becoming since the separation began and that’s where the money is. Be grateful about how that person came to be about.

Lastly, and I believe this happens with the runner eventually too, no one will match the energy of your twin and everyone else eventually becomes less interesting. Your twin gets you like no one else ever will

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