my twin flame married

my twin flame married

This question popped out at me.

There were times, when with my twin, I saw our happy ever after together.

We naturally calm each other’s energy.

He was over, helping me ready my place to sell.

He was working in the backyard fixing my deck, and the sun was shining, We were listening to music.

As the day progressed, he moved to the electrical work in the kitchen, I made dinner, he kept working, we took a break. There was this calming buzz around us.

It just seemed to flow.

It just seemed natural.

I love to cook, he was doing “masculine” things for me.

I feel this natural sense of” taking care of him and us” throughout this day.

Although he didn’t plan on being there all day, it just worked out like that.

After dinner, he played with my dogs and laid on the sofa.

I knew he was going at some point, I just put on my jammies, and hugged him goodbye, sometime around 10 pm he went home.

Even as we sat beside each other on the sofa just being beside each other, there was this calming sense of being.


We had talked about living together, we had even mentioned the words marriage.

While when I first met him, I didn’t want to marry anyone every again but since meeting him, my opinion has changed.

I’m not saying it’s really important to do this in 3D, but I know he is someone I would spend the rest of my life with.

There is something so calming and “like home” about my twin that I know is our soul’s knowing of our past lives. Our souls know each other.


There is this natural alignment with your twin that simply falls into place.

You most likely were married in a past life and are destined to be again.

Our mutual friend and I have fought but we fight like an old married couple.

My twin and I never really fought and when I was angry, he would laugh and, I have to say, even when he was spewing his venom at me, I sort of chuckled inside.

While the words were harsh I wasn’t at the time upset at them.

I sort of laughed and said “is this the best you got?”.

You see, my late son was anger personified.

I was used very volatile anger and had been “toughened” up by him.

My twin, also often chuckled when I was angry, I guess because he was familiar with anger and I was nothing like he was used to.

That’s the thing about the balance of energy with your twin.

You balance each other’s energy.

it is a perfect alignment of hundreds of past lives together.

That soul recognition piece is undeniable.

When your twin begins to awaken to his soul’s purpose he too will embody this energetic balance.

They are the calm to our storm and vice versa.

It feels as if you are married because your souls are already one.

That doesn’t need to happen in 3D in order to know inside you are connected to your twin.

Sometimes, when I want to feel the love, I simply bring him to my mind’s eye.

Yesterday I felt a lot of heart chakra pain.

I just began to do Reiki on myself and turned on 432 megahertz frequency and sent him healing. Both sides were just in so much pain I knew he must be going through something.

You are always helping each other and that’s the sign of true, unconditional love.

I like this image I found because it speaks to the additional pieces the twin flames have with each other that other relationships do not have.

I hope this helps.

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my twin flame married
my twin flame married
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