Why do you think you are a twin flame

Why do you think you are a twin flame

To think, is an action of the mind.

We learn to “think” instead of feel.

To me, the question should be “Why do you “feel” you are twin flame but even at that,

it eludes to the need to justify for others and this really isn’t necessary.

When we step away from the mind, and fall into an inner sense of knowing, you just “know”.

You don’t think, you simply are.

But, as the child who realizes at 2, they are NOT their mother, the ensuing “terrible twos” begins.


Because the child begins to develop independence.

They begin to have a sense of self.

The reason I refer to that experience is that it really starts to happen again once you meet your twin.

You have been lost in a matrix of programming.

You have been conditioned and programmed to do this, and follow that rule.

Believe what you are told.

Accept this “reality “ as true.

When, in fact, it’s all an illusion.

Our 3D reality is nothing of the sort.

It is not reality.

It is a lifetime of conditioning that needs to be broken down.

I was driving down to Florida in February of 2020 when I had my aha moment.

I had had a year and half of back and forth and trying to sever this connection with this man who kept coming into my life and tapping my inner spiritual centre and then would leave. After doing this repeatedly, I came across.

I believe everything happens for a reason and the sooner we can accept the blessings of situations and not the hardship is the beginning of your ascension and development into your higher self.

Why do you think you are a twin flame  | ascension into your higher self
Why do you think you are a twin flame | ascension into your higher self


My “mind” has changed many times over the last 2 years.

I can transmute negative energy much more effectively now. I no longer replay the crap that has transpired and move on rather quickly.

I can accept the NOW more readily and not wish for a different tomorrow.

My ascension was triggered, in combination, by the death of my son and then introduction of my twin flame.

My heart however has often taken a back seat and it’s this that needs to come to the forefront of your reality.

Following your heart. Ignoring people who want to criticize.

Accepting today’s reality as perfect for you.

I used to think this was about finding a path to my twin flame but I realize now this is more about finding a path back to myself.

 To my authentic self.

To not being afraid of finding her and speaking her truth.

To accept that I am the creator of my universe.

To accept I am the universe and God is within me.

When you shift your perception, your world changes dramatically.

The sooner you become the observer of your life and decisions you sooner you disconnect from that reality and move into a space of allowing.

I saw my twin this week 3 times after 18 months but in a social setting where we simply existed in the same room.

Tuesday I was joyful and happy even though I never looked at him or had eye contact.

I felt blissful and fulfilled.

I felt his energy help me. I felt my energy help him.

On Friday and Saturday, I felt moved by music and when the Mother Abess began to sing “Climb every mountain” after saying you have to “go and find your life” I was moved to tears. (She sang is so beautifully), but as the orchestra began to swell and her message profoundly sung, I cried. My twin and I sharing the moments of Music were also present. I am exhausted today because I spent the week transmuting energy. I was not anxious or nervous but remained calm and appreciative.

I was balancing energy all week.

I left the theatre yesterday knowing I have no reason to see my twin now again for the foreseeable future but I managed to transmute any negative energy I had about him.

I spent the night Friday at our mutual friends house who told me when I said how much it hurt me he didn’t believe me of what happened he said “ I’m sorry.

I now realize you are both right in your reality and I should have supported you more BUT, you were stronger and so I knew “R” needed me.

He also said my twin was in a good place and he thinks he isn’t wanting to avoid me anymore and his growth has skyrocketed in the last little while.

The less sex between twin flame .. the more likely you are as a real relation

Twin Flame Evolution
Why do you think you are a twin flame


This gave me so much joy.

We should be happy for anyone else who evolves and grows. I am happy my twin is happier now.

Life doesn’t get easier. In fact some would argue it gets harder but what happens through your awakening and the discovery of your twin is YOU BECOME stronger.

While the “I” label is really the ego ( so to say I Am a twin flame is not again necessary )

We are all spiritual beings living a human existence.

As you embrace your spirituality more you begin to accept this more and more.

I also realized that being a light worker and energy healer is just as much about shining light on all things spiritually and not just the path of awakening with your twin.

I know who my twin is. I know how his higher self is continuing to guide me.

When I have blissful moments alone I am realizing my happiness lies within me and not outside of me.

I don’t NEED him to feel whole and I remain grateful he is in my energy.

I could speak about all the metaphysical things that have happened since meeting him

or how I know I am a twin flame but I don’t feel compelled to explain or justify this to anyone.

Keep accepting and loving NOW as beautiful for you.

My good friend texted me yesterday to say her 70 year old mother had passed away.

Life is too short to worry about what you don’t have right now.

Celebrate you, however you identify.

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Why do you think you are a twin flame
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