When a Queen meets her King

Sacred Love..

Divine Féminine Sacred Masculine.

When a Queen meets her King.

The Evolved Woman recognizes the Beauty of her own essence as she Embraces her Sexuality living from her sacred Heart and Soul.

She honors herself in her own divinity knowing that her own connection to all that there is, allows her to stand in her own power, in truth and love.

She honors herself by choosing a Warrior that will honor and respect her in return.

She will never judge him as he stands before her in his own glory as he awakens into whom he truly is.

She honors him in Faith, Love, Light, Truth and Hope.

She knows his heart is opening slowly and in need of security, that he will not be broken from the hurt of past.

She shows him compassion knowing what he must go through, to break through the barriers that exist, that must fall away as he faces his ego and his own fears of self.

The love the Goddess gives is whole and complete, as the journey of the Soul knows no boundaries in love.

She will give her love freely to him, honoring him in complete love in the very moment as the past nor future exists.

The evolved woman lives from her sacred heart in the present moment knowing all that matters… is only now.

Love waits. Lust wants.

Love can’t wait to give what is true and honorable.

Lust can’t wait to take.

Love mends.

Lust hurts.

Love is secure.

Lust is Selfish.

Lust ends.

Love lasts.

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You Are.

We Are.


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