A message about the force

A message about the force
A message about how the force now wants to pull us into Our inner rooms.
Where the soul wants to make us remember old lives and thus clarify different things in the present for us, as well as make Our power grow and become greater and safer. And where the soul wants to help us create Our physical outer rooms from within Our own inner rooms
You are now being pulled in. Into your deep inner rooms. Where the soul calls on you to remember your deepest dreams and what you so long for.
Nothing attracts like when the soul calls for you.
Nothing nourishes your beings like the inner journey. When you remember who you once were. What lives you have been living. Whom have you walked with. What you guys have been working on. You remember the joy and sadness and everything in between. And all these memories make You heal in the present, when You again experience the same feelings, cycles, relationships, places and memories.
They also give you clarifications on various issues in your lives that you need right now. They help you describe for yourselves which of your needs is the most important right now.
Is it your harmony with nature? To have rewarding company? Is it allowed to be alone? Creativity? To have family time? To have a baby? To get a divorce? To leave something or to start something? Yes know then that usually these two happen at the same time.
There are deep inner needs We are talking about now. Those who create and hold You in Your great strength. It – which when you stand in it – makes you to be both grand and great in energy. Stable without a doubt, and that allows you to simply express who you are and what you need to feel good, grow and thrive.
For it is now You sow at the same time as You can reap. When the beginning and the end happen simultaneously – that is, when the harvest of something happens at the same time as the sowing of something new is done.
Then go into your inner rooms. What do you find there for different elements? Music, singing, dancing, flowers, poetry, colors, food, yarn, clay, wood – yes just about anything You can find here.
It is so important that you create something with your hands so that the deep spiritual energy may come to a physical expression in your lives. When you bring out the energy from your inner – Your soul – and create with it in the physical, you create your own physical world – Your own room.
In this room you are always safe. Here you are always loved by yourselves, because you have built it from within Your own soul’s longing for yourselves.
And by building rooms, you inspire and empower each other. The room you build up from within the longing of your soul makes you thrive. And this room the surroundings can visit and be inspired and enjoyed.
In this way, you help each other to dare to see something new, and to experience the very joy of life in the very art of living and to breathe through it. Because it is an art to live – and You create life as You want it to be lived – this is the true art of life.
Because what is constant in your lives? In an external world filled with changes and challenges, it is even more important that you build your spiritual rooms in the physical. So that you have something to enjoy and draw power from. Which gives you happiness and spiritual and spiritual nutrition to live in.
What you create, you choose yourself how long it will last, and this security is your best friend in times of great external change.
Then go into your inner rooms. Imagine that you are lighting a candle that shines bright and bright with its flame. And in its silence, everything clears inside You. Feel how the light power from the flame grows stronger and stronger. And feel how Your power grows stronger with it, until it fills your whole being and makes You become a single great powerful spiritual soul walking its own safe path on Mother Earth.
So mighty is Your power, and so mighty are You. So go within, called by Your soul. Turn on the light in your inner rooms and let your power grow with the growing light of the flame.
And let everything happen at the same time – ending and beginning, birth and death. And know that all is well indeed. Amen.
Candle bearers of the Golden Heart through Oracle Sara
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