Have you ever met a person that’s so like you

Have you ever met a person that’s so like you
Have you ever met a person that’s so like you
Have you ever met a person that’s so like you.. How they think, act, speak?
Their lightness positivity and their darkness of stubbornness negativity that you already experienced before?
Well, you got your twin Flame !!
So better your self…. If you can handle yourself on its light knor dark you can handle your twin much better and in more understanding… as your facing your twin. Your facing yourself…..express everything anything under the sun..
With your twin there’s no judgment.. There is no right knor wrong never be afraid of it.. Because you vibrate on the same frequency..
But you need to balance the energy because this waves are very much intense.. Learn to stabilize the energy and concentrate it into your subconscious mind.. Meet your mind and heart to your feelings…
You will feel this love overwhelming feeling of energy inside of you.. And this is the start of healing both of you.. As you heal yourself.. You heal everyone.. You attract more positive people around you..
Ever meet a couple that seem so much alike that you feel they are one?
They act alike, speak alike, and finish each other’s sentences almost like
Twins… have an unmistakable love and respect for each other, an intimacy and energy that pulls you in to want to learn more about them and want to BE like them? ⁠

, you have just met a pair of Twin Flames. ⁠

Now they may be of different races or religions, vastly different ages, or the same sex.
Still, they will have the same value system, the same exact energetic signature, and the same personality, thoughts, beliefs, and interests, because, at their core, they are ONE.⁠
Isn’t that a soul mate, you may ask?
No, far from it, Soulmates have different souls, for one thing, and you have many soulmates you will meet throughout your life journey.
Twin flames are one soul that decided long ago to split into two bodies. Because they are one soul, they share the same energetic signature.
They don’t always incarnate at the same time, but when they do, they are instantly drawn to each other upon the first meeting. There is a familiarity there and a knowing that this is not just anyone; this person is and will be a significant force in your life. Typically the reason and purpose is not revealed until much, much later.⁠

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Have you ever met a person that's so like you
Have you ever met a person that’s so like you
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