Question:- How can Twin Flame sex be pleasurable and healing at the time?
Answer :- Well, today I’m going to talk about Twin Flames and eternal sex. I ’ve talked a lot about Twin Flame sex before, but what do I mean by an eternity of Twin Flame sex? Does it mean that when you get with your Twin Flame, you two are just having nonstop sex for eternity? Not exactly, but also kind of yes.
What we are going to talk about today is how you can eternally build your sexual connection with your Twin Flame. And that’s why the first time you break the ice with your Twin Flame and have sex with them, it’s usually the best sex you’ve ever had. And , it just keeps getting better.
You are eternally partnered with your Twin Flame. What I mean here by eternal Twin Flame sex is that you have an eternally deepening sexual connection with your beloved Twin Flame. Sex that gets better, and deeper and more harmonious for eternity.
Understanding Twin Flame sex
So what is sex? Sex is an empty vessel. You can put in that vessel anything you desire. Twin Flame sex can be an expression of your primal sensuality. It can be a pathway to God. It can be an expression of your loving intimacy. It can be all of these things at once. So when I talk about Twin Flame sex, I’m talking about a divine partner, a perfect complement who is best suited for you sexually, someone who completely satisfies you sexually on every level.
You don’t have to try to get something from Twin Flame sex, because that is not how you create a real connection with your Twin Flame. Twin Flame sex is about continually opening and giving something to your sex life, just by keeping the flame alive between you two.
You can only ever deepen this connection eternally with your Twin Flame. With anyone else you are eventually going to hit a wall, you’ll see what the end of the cave looks like. If you are having sex with anyone but your Twin Flame, you will max out on your sexual pleasure at some point. But engaging in Twin Flame sex is like exploring an endless cave, it’s a portal toward an endless dimension which even leads to more and more new dimensions. And it’s always right for what you are looking for.
This isn’t to say that your other sexual partners were bad people. All of your past sexual partners were just part of a path leading you to your ultimate lover. And your ultimate lover doesn’t just come with flowers and chocolates. Your ultimate lover means someone who knows your deepest desires without you needing to tell him or her anything at all. They read through your eyes, and connects to your soul.
You build and deepen that experience with your Twin Flame through choosing love and choosing intimacy. Bring that love and intimacy every time you have sex. When you do that, you don’t experience really great sex that eventually loses its passion. With your Twin Flame, sex keeps getting better and better.
 The healing power of Twin Flame sex
Twin Flame sex is an ascension tool, just like the Mirror Exercise.
You also learn that there is no bodily resistance to your Twin Flame. You will first notice that with your previous partners, whenever the opportunity for sex came up your body would go, “Meh. Maybe.” That’s how your body is trying to communicate to you that you are out of alignment with this sexual partner. It’s a sign that you are vibing out of a relationship where you are not getting any sexual healing.
Unlike sex with anyone else, Twin Flame sex is a safe container for you to heal sexual wounds and traumas. No matter how deep these sexual blocks might be, they can be healed naturally when you are intimate with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is actually designed to be your perfect sexual healer. And guess what? This healing and purifying effect is something that builds forever, because only love is real and love never dies. This is why we say Twin Flame sex is eternal.
Twin Flame sex is perfect. It’s perfect for you, it’s the perfect sexual energy for you, and it’s the perfect loving you need. Your Twin Flame loves you perfectly. There is a certain way you desire to give love and romance, and a certain way you desire to receive love and romance, and only your Twin Flame can fit those desires perfectly.
 Call in your ultimate lover
Twin Flames are Divine Beings going through a Human Experience. Twin Flame relations are the epitome of happiness. You have a potent connection that leaves you in awe. Twin flame relationships are intense, sacred and tumultuous heart to heart connections between souls.
Great Twin Flame sex is a product of deep healing as much as it is a giver of deep healing.
Twin flame relationships are intense, sacred and tumultuous heart to heart connections between souls.
It can feel extremely over-whelming to reconnect with your twin soul and often at those times we might wonder ‘why? why is this happening to me?’.
Well, my dear friends, it is no coincidence you are experiencing this astonishing deep bond. twin flames are rising up now more than ever: so, what is the purpose of it?
 Twin flame love is above all a service to humanity. There is a tendency to over-emphasise the romantic, magnetic connection between flames.
 The bond between twins definitely provides enough space for the most beautiful and rewarding romantic relationship one can ever experience in a human form.
However, this is not the point of twin souls reincarnating together. After reuniting, they go through an awakening process together, which can be devastating and traumatising at times, and all for the sake of this planet and the whole of creation.
 Many twins are ‘starseeds’, they originally come from other planets or dimensional planes. They have chosen to come to earth during these times to support the current evolution of planet Earth.
 Twin souls vibrate at extremely high frequencies and they help these energies anchor onto the planet.
 The relationship is a miraculous gift when one is able to see the beauty of it, yet it serves a bigger picture.
 By being so rooted in unconditional love, awakened twin flames serve a higher purpose on earth.
 Furthermore, they usually also surrender their life to the divine which manifests through their being working for some humanitarian cause at some scale. Physically it can seem to have a bigger or smaller impact, however there is much which cannot be seen by the eye where twins are still very active and playing a role.
 Choosing to embark on this journey requires a lot of courage and you have to be ready for it, for all the bumps and the extreme emotions one can experience down the road.
 All twins face tests that will challenge them down to the core of their being.
 The whole point of it is not to enjoy a romantic relationship with your counterpart – although that can be a beautiful side-effect if that is what your souls chose to do –, but to be a channel of love upon this planet.
 Twins have chosen to ‘volunteer’, one might say, to shine bright and help the collective consciousness to raise.
 Whether physically reunited or not, twin souls have a great mission upon them and it is to be love, to embody love, to breathe love, to show others what it means to live in love with your own essence.
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