Twin Flame Connections

Twin Flame Connections
Twin Flame Connections
are relationships unlike anything you’ve experienced so far.
Those who experience it realize the colossal difference between relationships that were created and based by the ego versus the connection that is orchestrated by the Divine.
I’m not saying this as a way of comparing, but when you find a certain someone you were looking for and it’s found by someone who was also looking for you, we clearly feel that difference, it’s something that deeply touches our inner world, we are touched in the heart – and as for our thoughts and feelings, we are sure it is a soul connection.
The feeling is as if that person had the access code and opened the doors of your universe, and you hers.
It’s as if, in the infinity of the Cosmos, there was no longer any place to hide, because love found you, it opened the secret drawers where you hid all your pain, your fears, your insecurities…
Twin Flame Connections
Twin Flame Connections
Only a soul love is capable of looking at your wounds and helping to heal them. Only a soul love looks you in the eyes and tells you that you don’t have to feel the fear of seeing what you couldn’t see before.
Only a soul love is welcoming, it is that love that opens its arms, that within a hug welcomes your inner child and feels your pains as if they were his.
A spiritual love will turn you inside out so you can see and heal within yourself.
It will show you that this love is not about 3D romantic ideals.
The purpose of this love is to awaken unconditional love in you and show you that first love begins within you.
It’s that soul love that will see you rise from the ashes. And when you heal, for the first time in your life you will understand that love has always been by your side and with you, and then, you will embrace a new belief “Have Faith, Believe in the Journey of Life and Trust Totally in God” .
You will feel that love is worth fighting for, a soul love that brings you and me closer to God.
It’s that soul love that will see you create wings to be free and fly through infinity!..

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