The Deep Woman

The Deep Woman
The Deep Woman
The deep woman channels pure source energy.
The deep woman has come here to change the structure of existing forms.
The deep woman has come to bring the earth back to a conscious awareness of creative and spiritual power called feminine light.
The deep woman is a force of natural radiance that cannot be stopped.
The deep woman has moved beyond craving material and external fixes for security or fulfilment.
The deep woman has found, over countless years of breathing open, that she has been invited by Life to dig into the depths of existence.
The deep woman has to confront, meet and face what presents as illusion on this earth plane.
She has to learn to leave the mind-space and return to her body.
She has to keep going deeper, deeper and deeper into her sacred core until the purity is restored there.
She has to pull out all the old magic that has been forgotten and disused.
She has to walk a path of stones before she comes to her fresh garden.
She has to remind her beleaguered heart that the wisdom lies in her body, her feelings and her never-ending, flowing cycles of energy.
She has to rise above her weariness again, and again, and again. She has to persevere, remain, stay alive even when she wants to leave. She has to keep going. Every day, every hour, every breath.
She has to keep breathing, because her deep nature tells her that the earth needs her breath in order to keep turning.
Her breath informs her that she is connected to angels, to radiant ones, to illumined ones, to ascended ones, and to the Great Goddess.

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The Deep Woman
The Deep Woman
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