Buddhism and twin flame journey

Buddhism and twin flame journey
Buddhism and twin flame journey
Buddhism has aided me SO much on my twin flame journey, I want to share with those who have expressed the desire for tools to help them with the pain.
You’ve got to be non-attached to your twin, right? Become non-attached to everything! Be liberated from the world of form! Be consciously free and bliss-full
Twins have talked a lot about not knowing how to do the work. I find Buddhism to be an excellent approach to this under. There are three parts I think will be most helpful to twin flames:
1.) The brahmavihara
2.) the three poisons
3.) the three characteristics
Buddhism was designed to support the path of enlightenment. These ancient key codes can aid twins at any stage of their process.
The brahmaviharas are wholesome states that you cultivate in the heart field. There are four:
Loving kindness (May all beings be happy.)
compassion without pity (May all beings be free from suffering.)
sympathetic joy (May all beings be filled with joy and ever more joy.)
equanimity (All beings are the heirs of their own karma.)
Making these a daily meditation practice clears and empowers the heart field, and gives you spacious peace on this journey. Your difficulties become easy to recognize and navigate, you are better able to hear your higher guidance.
The three poisons: greed, ignorance, aversion. Are you ready to become a karma clearing master? Observe your shadow through these three lenses and look for the roots in your life and past lives. When you find the root of these clinging behaviors you have found a soul shard that is ready to be integrated and a behavior that is ready to leave your life for ever!
The three characteristics are objects of contemplation that lead to enlightenment through direct observation
1. No self – there’s no self!
2. Impermanence – nothing is permanent
3. Dukkha – material reality is made of the grit of suffering
Finally, as a bonus, the four noble truths… these are more complex. Co
1. Being incarnate is suffering
Has incarnating in material reality got you down? This is called dukkha, or suffering, and it’s what makes material reality.
2. Karma is created with attachment
When you release attachment you stop c
3. Enlightenment exists! When you are free from suffering you are enlightened.
4. Buddhadharma is the path to enlightenment

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