What is a Twin Flame Relationship? | part 2

What is a Twin Flame Relationship? | part 2

What is a Twin Flame Relationship?
part 2

7. You experience growth with each other
You feel as if you are a stronger person than ever. You are a better personality. You feel mature and much improved both mentally and emotionally.
It is such growth that you’ve never experienced in your lifetime.

8. You don’t need to justify yourself
Conflicts and misunderstandings are common in relationships. However, there is no need for you to justify what you are saying is the truth. Your twin flame understands you well and blindly trusts you.
You also never exploit them due to their blind faith in you, as you know that the faith once lost can never be retrieved.

9. Your values are similar
Both of you are pretty similar in terms of behavior, nature, and values. Your words, while you speak, might even be the same at some moments. You experience the same feelings in some situations.
You feel so interconnected that the bond seems to be unbreakable.

10. You experience a different sort of freedom
When you are with your twin flame, you feel as if you can now be your original self. There are no fears, tensions, or worries.
Your partner protects you and shields you. You feel you’re in safe hands and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You experience a freedom that you’ve never experienced before, not even with your family.

11. You complete each other
Twin Flame Complete each other
You feel empty without each other. Having your partner by your side makes you feel complete. You feel satisfied as it was all that you ever wanted.

12. You can’t stop thinking about each other
You feel lonely even if you don’t get to talk to each other for a single day. You and your partner keep wandering about each other, the time you’ve spent with each other, your sweet memories, or anything that you could recall.
In case of any conflicts between both of you, you can’t just stay apart. Else, you get too frustrated due to overthinking.

13. Your relationship is sometimes tumultuous
Your relationship might be on and off, but you always find a way back. Even if you separate, your connection and the universe bring you back in no time.

There might be moments when things might seem to fall apart. Still, you and your twin flame get through them.

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