What I think is my twin flame or not… what you think

   What I think is my twin flame or not… what you think


What I think is my twin flame or not… what you think?

This is a long post so you know 🤗
My story…

This is my first boyfriend, we met at 14 and were together for 7 years.

I broke up with him at 21, a week after he gave me a ring because he was very narcissistic, jealous and we were very toxic to each other.

We went separate ways for 20 years. He moved to DC and I moved to FL.

He got married and had a daughter. I had two relationships and 3 kids.

I was very happy in my marriage but my husband cheated on me and we got divorced.

I started my divorce and 6 months after he moved to FL on a fresh start and because of a job transfer.

Not because of me or anything like that.

He’s divorced too.

We were cordial to each other and say hi in those 20 year but I didn’t felt anything special.

He moved almost 3 hours from me.

We met again and went to dance, something we both enjoy so much and started to reconnect.

Well… we slept together and I saw a different man only to bring the dark side on me. He treated me sometimes like I treated my ex. It was like a karma and seeing myself in him and I didn’t like it at all.

He brought memories from my childhood that I didn’t wanted to remember.

One time he told me… we are like the same person in each other and that scares him.

This is before I knew about twin flames and this other world.

For 3 years and 6 month we were together, on and off. I felt a connection with him that I never felt before with anybody else. I fell in love again like the first time.

His mom was a Psychic something I respected by that time but didn’t believe.

Well… all my psychic opened just to show me her death and when she was going to die. And it happened like I saw it on the water.

By that time we were separated and I went back because I felt like I needed to be there.

She died… and I was there for him. We decided to move together, he moved with me and I felt the changed.

Like he was expecting me to do everything and he was not helping around the house. He gave me a portion of the bills and I felt like I was the man in the relationship. He wanted to go out by himself all the time and I kick him out. I had enough.

We separated for 6 month, no communication at all. I was always the one chasing him and now he’s the one that wanted this to work.

I thought I healed and I wanted to date.

4 months after we separated, I met this guy with everything that I manifested to the Universe and then he show up again in my life.

I left this guy and went back with him. This time he goes into a really bad depression, suicidal and I literally was there for him and took him out of his darkness.

After 5-6 months we broke up again. He recovered from his depression and he started to go out again and I don’t want a man that like to go out at clubs. I want a family man and a partner.

Well… we broke up again because he doesn’t fulfill my needs. I don’t feel the love and appreciated, and I don’t see a connection between him and my children.

The fire between us it’s not there anymore.

I’m mad at myself because I let myself go back to him and left this other guy, just to go back to the same.

I’m over it but at the same time I’m here waiting for him to come back and thinking…

We couldn’t have kids together. I had 2 miscarriages when we were young and 3 more in the past 4 years.

We couldn’t have that connection to have a child together and made me think this morning, if I was his mother in past lives and that’s why I always run to help him when he needs me and can’t have a child together.

This last time when we came back together I knew as a man I didn’t want him but I knew in my heart that he was going to need me I needed to be there for him.

If I wasn’t there I think he would have committed suicide.

Now I feel like I have to put an end to this, like it’s time to go separate ways.

We are not talking at all right now. We are both Taurus and stubborn… but I don’t feel like I’m in love anymore. The fire is not there anymore.

First I thought we were TF, then that he was karmic and then this morning in my mind was that maybe we have a soul connection from a past life.

Anyone can give some light to me.
What you think?

Thank you for reading ❤

What I think is my twin flame or not... what you think

What I think is my twin flame or not… what you think

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