Beautiful Light Bearer Trust your Path| Yours is a Sacred Mission

Beautiful Light Bearer Trust your Path| Yours is a Sacred Mission
Beautiful Light Bearer Trust your Path| Yours is a Sacred Mission
The world as we know it is going through a Split. The Split between Love and Fear occurs for all, because we have free will, we get to choose our own path.
Now we have an important opportunity to come together in Unity Consciousness,
for those who embody Love.
It is an either/or decision here.
No middle ground.
We either live in Love or we live in fear.
Fear is the lie. Maya, illusion, the dream we are dreaming with physical eyes open.
How do you know where you are in this moment? Well, fear is uncomfortable to say the least. It just doesn’t feel good at all. You’re emotions are your guidance system that cue you into your present dominant vibration. If it feels bad, it is rooted in fear. A Love frequency will always feel good or better.
Discernment is paramount so that you may be able to assess and recognize your current vibration. Once you call it out for what it is any fear will be seen with crystal clarity.
This is the point where you use your desires, intentions and self-will to decide where you want to align and resonate, holding your energies strong. If you feel low or down, simply reach for a thought (that will create a feeling) that feels good or better than where you just were.
You may turn your attention to anything else that Elevates you and lifts you into the Love frequency. Distraction or redirecting your focus can be a powerful tool. It isn’t denial. For you have acknowledged your fear and NOW you are choosing Love.
The most powerful force in the Universe is Love.
It is a choice. It just feels better. Better than better. Love is Divine.
May your life, my dear friend, be full of Beauty, Light , Peace and Love in all things.
My wish for you- That you seek and know Truth:
Sharing is caring.
So go love em up.
It’s who you are.
It’s why you’re here NOW.
Love and Blessings.
Creator and Author.
Mike Harrigan.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Global Consciousness
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