Your first gay experience … were you forced

Your first gay experience  … were you forced

first gay experience

I say it like it is

No, I was not forced into doing anything. I was 14 years old and in an all-boys boarding school.

It was an extremely homophobic environment btw.

Getting caught doing anything gay would result in 6 of the best in the headmaster’s office, and very often a severe schoolyard beating. There were two gay boys in the same hostel I was in. We all knew they were gay and they were fully accepted, so long as they didn’t do anything gay.

One of those boys also happened to be in the same dormitory as me.

One evening he offered to give me a back massage, something which he did almost every night with other guys as well.

On this occasion, it was already quite late, and before long, all the other boys had fallen asleep. In the total darkness, I felt his hands sort of beginning to stray, softly straying over my sides. It became clear to me that he was hoping to get closer to my dick.

I rolled over ever so slightly, only a fraction, to see if my suspicions were correct. They were.

His hands now strayed that bit closer. I’m not sure what came over me, but I could feel myself becoming aroused, so I rolled over a bit further and pulled my one knee up towards my chest. This had the effect of raising one side of my pelvis a bit up off the bed.

While continuing to gently massage my back, his one hand continued to stray, and, in the position I was now in, he was now able to reach the area he was obviously wanting to reach.

His hand made a few brief rounds, getting closer and closer, but not lingering.

Since I didn’t show any sign of resistance, he decided to take it a step further.

Now his one hand remained just above the waist band of my underwear, and I felt him slipping his fingertips under my underwear, and then I felt him gently starting to play with my relatively newly acquired pubic hair.

By now, I had a full-blown erection which was darn uncomfortable because it was trapped under me and facing towards my feet. Slowly, his fingers moved further in, and then I felt him gently feel the base of my erection before sliding his hand even further in to have a thorough feel.

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first gay experience

At this point I rolled onto my side, and he immediate took a hold of my erection and freed it from its trapped position. Bear in mind that this was the first time in my life that there was someone actively feeling and caressing my dick in this way.

No words can describe how good and how thrilling it felt that night. The riskiness of it seemed to intensify things even further. He was now stroking my dick, basically jacking me off, but very very slowly.

Suddenly it dawned on me that he wasn’t massaging my back as he had been doing just moments before. Instead, I could feel one of his fingers drawing letters on my back. First an S, followed by a U, then a C, and then a K.

Unable to resist the temptation of getting my very first blowjob ever, I rolled all the way over onto my back. He very gently pulled my underwear down so that my dick and my balls were now free and exposed, and the he continued stroking my erection very slowly, while his other hand was now caressing my balls. I was still pretending to be asleep lol, so my eyes were shut.

Suddenly I felt his breath against my erection. He must have been examining my dick because I could feel the warmth of his breath for quite a while, and then I felt the most exquisite feeling ever, better than anything I could ever have imagined, the warm wetness of his mouth as he took me in his mouth slowly and all the way.

There was no rush. He was going slow, coming almost all the way off before taking me all the way back in. No words can describe the pleasure I was experiencing.

I think I only lasted about 5 minutes before I could feel that I was about to cum. Despite my body making it very obvious that I was about to ejaculate, he kept going until finally I could not hold back any longer.

Up until that moment, I never thought anything could possibly feel better than the feeling of my dick being sucked. I could not have been more mistaken. I was busy ejaculating, and still I could feel his mouth sliding repeatedly over my erection. Stirring things up even more, was realization that he was obviously aware that I was ejaculating, and yet he continued, and he was even swallowing it all.

Suddenly my orgasm was over. I felt my erection softening but he still had me in his mouth. I could feel his tongue swirling around and doing whatever else he was busy doing.

I was smothered by an indescribable sense of absolute bliss. I had just had my first ever blowjob, and it had come from a guy. That night as I lay alone in my bed, I knew with absolute certainty that I would never in my life turn down a blowjob just because of a person’s gender.




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first gay experience
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