Arabs experience sex| How Arabs experience sex for the first time

Arabs experience sex| How Arabs experience sex for the first time

Arabs experience sex| How Arabs experience sex for the first time ?

“I’m a 23-year-old woman and I just had sex for the first time.

I pretended I enjoyed the sex process, but in reality I wasn’t comfortable at all, I just wanted it to end, and I was relieved that it didn’t last so long.

Now I feel disgusted and ashamed.

I don’t want Tried it again but I don’t know how to tell my partner…I feel nauseous just thinking about having sex again.

Is it normal for us to feel that?”


How Arabs experience sex for the first time ?
How Arabs experience sex for the first time ?

This question was asked by a young woman to the British newspaper The Guardian,

who considered that it was not at all surprising that the first sexual experience was “uncomfortable” for some, noting that people who had sexual experience consider that they should have sex again and enjoy as much as possible this experience even if They were not ready for it, and the newspaper believes that these people are likely to be under pressure from friends or cultural legacies, or under the influence of what they watch on the Internet, especially pornographic films.

Fears and concerns
The first sexual experience varies from person to person, according to age, experiences, and social and cultural legacies.

While some are thirsty for sex for the first time and to discover the secrets of this exciting world that they have always painted in their imagination, others are confused and afraid even just imagining themselves sharing a bed with the other party, and their fears and obsessions are reinforced after seeing the experiences of those around them, especially Those who complain about the pain associated with the sexual process, or who complain about their inability to please the partner, and the confusion or shame they felt later.

There is no doubt that having sex for the first time is a new adventure that one takes on, driven by excitement, fantasy and romance, but many individuals feel unparalleled tension, and sex turns for them into a “horror” and nightmare, and the level of adrenaline increases significantly, the closer the moment of melting in One body, and the obsessions start to haunt them and dominate their mind:

What do we do if it turns out that we suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation?

Will we feel pain that prevents us from reaching orgasm?

What if the other party ridiculed us after discovering our inexperience and ignorance of sexual situations?

These and other questions may be asked by any person when engaging in sex for the first time, regardless of his self-confidence or the extent of his emotional compatibility with the other party, as a result of the pressures placed by society, in addition to the misleading conversations and the distorted image created by the porn industry and the scenes Sensational far from the ground.

In this regard, here are some tips that may make your first sexual experience enjoyable and away from the psychological and physical stresses that may negatively affect your view of the world of sex:

Do not pretend to reach orgasm:

Social and cultural heritages dictate our behavior, and consider it necessary that orgasm accompany the sexual process with its groaning and moaning… However, psychologist Nicole Tamilio stresses to cosmopolitan that it is necessary not to fake an orgasm.

Sexuality and setting unrealistic standards, especially since many women do not experience orgasms the first time they have sex, stressing that pretending to have an orgasm makes it difficult to talk about future needs.

How Arabs experience sex for the first time ?

How Arabs experience sex for the first time ?
How Arabs experience sex for the first time ?

Do not be shy about asking questions:

the worst thing that can be done is to start from the assumption that you know everything about what your partner wants (the sexual positions he likes, the means that make him arouse…),

and therefore the most appropriate way to express yourself and know your and your pleasure points The second party lies in the dialogue, which is something that makes the experience more delicious between you and the partner.

Sex is not retribution:

“When we had sex for the first time, it felt like our partner was hitting a brick wall,” hundreds of people told Nicole Tamilio, who emphasized that sex shouldn’t be painful if the intercourse took place in a smooth manner, but if it was The woman suffers from dyspareunia and vaginismus (vaginismus) then she should consult her doctor.

Focusing on the feelings:

Perhaps the most important part of sex is focusing on the feelings we feel, and it is necessary to take a deep breath as a great way to get rid of distracting thoughts.

Do not bet on expectations:

Sexual films often present an unrealistic picture of what sex looks like, depicting it in an elaborate, ideal way, always focusing on that the sexual process ends with a simultaneous orgasm between the two partners, but this does not necessarily happen on the ground.

It’s messy, spontaneous and sometimes awkward, and no matter how many times you’ve had sex, it’s practice, exploration, and experiences that make sex a pleasurable affair.

Unforgettable moments from the first experience
From virginity to sexual maturity, there are many feelings that a couple may go through, feelings ranging from panic, shame, disgust, safety to enjoyment and pleasure.

After a strong love affair, Miriam (27 years old) decided to officially marry her boyfriend, who is about 10 years older than her.

For her part, Diana, 25, who works in a humanitarian organization, talks about her first experience with sex: “It was the first time for our dragons… none of us had experienced full sexual relations before, and this thing gave me some comfort.”

Before she had sex with her partner, contradictory thoughts were swirling in her head, according to what she confirms: “I heard from my friends that I could suffer pain and bleed a lot, but I also had an idea that, oh cute, how sweet the feeling would be, and that I would fly and travel to another world. …”.

And you, how was your first experience with sex?

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Arabs experience sex
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