Energy Exchange |conditional giving and unconditional giving

Energy Exchange |conditional giving and unconditional giving

Energy Exchange | What is the difference between conditional giving and unconditional giving?!

farandh wep takes you on a journey that talks about energy exchange, and the relationships of giving between people, whether conditional or unconditional.
Giving is of two types: giving is conditional on taking, and giving without limits.

There is a type of relationship in order for it to continue, there must be a balance between giving and taking between the two parties (give and take).
And there are relationships that you find yourself giving and not waiting for receiving, such as helping and serving others, because once you help him, you feel happy and you generate an energy of peace and love, and then his thanks for that help does not differentiate with you.

The type of relationship based on balance, such as friendship or association, if there is a party who gives love, attention, help and support, and performs his duties, but does not find anything in return

Here you must stop and review the stop command

Review yourself and re-evaluate the relationship and choose another path for it

As for completing it, this requires a balance, and each party performs its duties and takes its rights from the other party.

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Energy Exchange
Energy Exchange

Or complete the relationship and continue giving, but without waiting in return

And remember, there is no fixed rule

But you are the one who determines what is right for you in any relationship, in line with your love, self-esteem, and entitlement.
The most important thing is to feel comfortable in the relationship and not be unfair to yourself.
And often the one who comes upon himself in the relationship and always chooses to sacrifice and make more than the other party deserves

He always finds beautiful denial and finds no thanks for what he did.
And also it will be exploited – although it is the benefit of the other – but it was exploited because it benefited the wrong person in the wrong place, put your benefit in the right place and wisely and for those who deserve and appreciate your benefit.

When do you block your bid? ( Energy Exchange )
To withhold your giving from someone who does not deserve your giving
Whoever always complains and blames others for his circumstances and does not show any responsibility for what happens to him, and if you try to help him, he detracts from your energy and does not respond to your opinion and ideas, he only wants you to hear his complaint and moan.

A prisoner of memories and life in the past, he lives in a state of misery and moral misery and does not have hope.

Inclined to drama and being after material lusts.
He does not want to change or advance his spirit, and he has an internal assurance that those who have achieved their goals are lucky and forget that God Almighty has established just cosmic laws that apply to everyone, whether you know them or not, whether you are old or young, regardless of your religion, gender or nationality

God is just and life is very just, and God does not wrong people anything, but people do wrong themselves
Remember when to give and when to withhold so that you do not regret it and so that your giving does not become a wasted habit. Humans do not appreciate free giving.
Give with love and do not oppress yourself with unparalleled giving
To make yourself your first priority and at the top of your interests is a way to be on top of the priorities of others
For the defect of relationships, I am aware of when to give and when to prevent and when to give with conditions and when to give without conditions.

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Energy Exchange
Energy Exchange
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