the natural ebb and flow of soul mate relationships

the natural ebb and flow of soul mate relationships

the natural ebb and flow of soul mate relationships

Soul mate relationships can be intense and powerful.

Often, you’ll feel a strong attraction that is all-consuming and heightens your senses.

Because they typically have a deep acceptance and love for you, you experience great comfort in their presence as if you you’ve known them forever.

From the safety of your connection, you are inspired to grow and love yourself and others more deeply.
Despite a strong bond, soul mate relationships can shift over time.

As you learn life lessons and your soul evolves, you may find the pull to be with that person less compelling.
Don’t worry

its the natural ebb and flow of soul mate relationships.
Discovering your twin flame is the discovery of “oneness.

Many Twin Flames are in the situation of being one of a pair where their divine complement is not open to spiritual methods, or just not physically present to help for one reason or another.

So Why is the situation so out of balance and why does the Twin Flame connection seem to be like this – where one Twin does all the work while the other doesn’t contribute?

Even if you are only doing the work for your own good, your twin will be positively affected by your increased vibration.

If you are asking yourself ….Why do I have to do all the work?

Why is all this happening to me?

 Why am I the one asked to do all this?

Why can’t it be done for me?
Why am I not getting more help?

First, you need to know that this question and this situation is rooted in a separation mentality.

It’s a sign that you are still carrying the programming from the world of third dimensional reality where it’s you versus me, them versus us, women versus men, one person separated from another.

The fact that you raise this question determines the significance of this change.

The new realm you are creating of unity, joy and harmony has no room for conflict and separation.

When you open to consciousness of the fifth dimensional higher vibrational unity, you will begin to realize this.

What It Means to Find Your Twin Flame
What It Means to Find Your Twin Flame


There is always a balance, that’s how the universe is created.
So even if you do all the work in one situation, you will receive your “return” in another situation – in a certain way at a certain time.

This is how the universe works.
The universe tries to balance everything .

Nothing ever goes wrong.
This is why the energy currents on earth are constantly changing, it is because things seek their natural balance.

Release the old programming of consciousness that has been embedded in you by the human world, clear it, and release it, at which point you open to balance.

By releasing the feelings of frustration in this situation, you allow your return to investment to manifest in the universe..

You begin to open up to the deeper truth of who you are as a spiritual being.

One with the universe, one with your divine complement, one with all that exists.

When you embrace unity consciousness, you realize that the world as you perceive it with your eyes, ears, and body is an illusion.
When you ascend into this way of being, there will be no more time for you to count who does what and when,

because you will feel within your very being that it will finally be in balance, that things have a goal. And you will do them in a place of happiness.

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the natural ebb and flow of soul mate relationships
the natural ebb and flow of soul mate relationships
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