Relationships in the HIGHER DIMENSIONS !!

Relationships in the HIGHER DIMENSIONS !!

Relationships in the HIGHER DIMENSIONS !!
Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.
When a Goddess meets her King,
A magical alchemy between their
Energy fields starts to operate,
until they merge into one Divine being.
And then their whole world is being
When two High Vibrational Frequencies are in Union, they will uplift each other’s Consciousness into a Higher Dimension..
“Our Fullest Potential is found in the Weaving and Balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies within ourselves.
The Healthy Divine Feminine offers tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility. Feminine intuition is one of our most powerful tools for guidance, and we all have it. She leads us in the right direction every time.
Who couldn’t benefit from some sound reliable advice in life? When something needs attention or is out of balance, she communicates through the body, the emotions and our thoughts.
When we are not listening or heeding her warnings, the voice gets louder and our discomfort grows.
The Healthy Divine Masculine is fearless, courageous and loyal. He is the guardian protector. When in balance, the masculine protector does no harm. His gentle strength brings harmony and peace to where there was conflict and separation.
He knows his power but does not abuse or misuse it. He is a leader and is not afraid to speak the truth even if others disagree.
He is courageously fierce in standing for his integrity.
When working in harmony, the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine can unite,
Heal and create ANYTHING.”
The Divine Feminine Love is like a Lighthouse that shines into a man’s Soul,revealing the dark corners within. Not to shame him, but as a helpmate, to encourage him to rise up and be the champion of his own heart, and from that place to love and adore her for the goddess she is.
When you Rise in Love with an Awakened man or Woman the gift that they bring is not only Love but also a mirror to face yourself.
And this is the greatest test of true love..

Signs of your spiritual connection to the universe

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