The energy of sex !!

The energy of sex !!

The energy of sex !!

Sex is regarded as one of the coffins in the life of an Egyptian man that should not be spoken about or even referred to.

Of course, there is no clear definition of the meaning of pornography,
literature or education.
His natural love in our lives, the terms and descriptions of Muhasash know their meaning and neither Jaya Minin nor Raiha Finn

But the state of sexual dialogue is the most #powerful of these coffins because it has become a combination of the coffin of sex and religion together,
gaining double immunity and immunity.
Does religion really refuse to talk about sexand religion rejects sex education for believers?

But the state of sex, like many cases in our lives, is nothing but customs and traditions inherited from the late times that have been dressed in religion so as to gain immunity against factors of change and development?
To illustrate this, we will present some of the verses, conversations and words of scholars that come in the books of jurisprudence and interpretation dealing with #sexual subjects that if anyone talks about them in our time,

they are not accused of profitability, threatening the identity of the nation and working to corrupt the morality of the nation.

Scientists disagreed in its interpretation, especially the word “Ani”.

Does it mean anywhere and thus Anal Sex is a halal,
or does it mean any way in the sense of any sexual situation, as long as cohabitation will be in the vulva or it means at any time?

Then interpreters and scholars talk about the provisions of menstruation,
and they talk about analyzing everything except sexual cohabitation, and she wears a visitor, and they say
, “And then you do the highest.”

And then if we look at the reasons why verses come down, we see the following conversations.

Correct conversations about sexual situations in which a man is behind a woman when she has #sexual intercourse.
Scientists also talk about talking about your affairs above and do anything and meet the vulva at the time of menstruation,
inferring the permissibility of sucking and sensation Oral sex.

This is what young people today know by “brushing”; Scientists also talk about “Give your breath”,
which means that a man does not fall on a woman as the camel does, but it is necessary to cohabit and caress before sexual cohabitation.

why is it now that the talk of sex and sex education turns into a no-man’s land??
And a few literature and pornography?

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The energy of sex
The energy of sex
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