Does a twin flame ever return

Does a twin flame ever return

Twin flames “always” return.

You create your reality. What you focus on you get more of.

If you focus on your sadness, the energy you will attract is more sadness.

If you focus on positivity, the energy you will attract is more positivity.

Therefore, if you stay in the flow of your life and belief you are deserving of sacred love, you will attract that love towards you.

However, and having said that, you cannot chase that love for that implies to the universe that you do not have it and you must then seek it.

We are all beings of energy.

When are are in alignment with what we want, we begin to draw that towards us.

I have zero chasing energy left for my twin.

I don’t worry about when he will return or what that looks like I completely trust that I am evolving and growing exactly as I should.

Yesterday, I can say however, my heart chakra was off the charts in pain.

For a few hours I was just feeling, what I believe to be my twins pain.

Instead of chase his pain or ask him if he is ok, I simply put my hand to my chest and sent him love.

It’s all I can do from this end is to support his journey energetically.

I don’t focus on his return or worry about it because I will attract more of that energy.


This question seems to be rooted in the mind and not the heart.

While some may call it delusional, especially after 18 months, I’m not even thinking about when he will return, I simply “know” he will.


In any “normal” relationship you would just let go of any hope and move on but, that’s sort of like giving up on yourself isn’t it now?

That’s like saying I am the way and I won’t every grow or be a better person.

Remember where you were 2 years ago?

Are you still that person?

Most likely not.

You are now a more independent and sovereign being.

Understanding the law of attraction means you don’t chase but attract with your loving energy.

Keep being love.

Keep vibrating high and know that it’s simply a magnet for your twin flame to return.

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Does a twin flame ever return
Does a twin flame ever return

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