Do twin flame runners usually give a reason for ending the relationship

Do twin flame runners usually give a reason for ending the relationship

No, because most twin flames are never in an official, committed ‘relationship.’ Most twin flames do not even date each other.


They feel a strong and intense connection with each other, irrespective of their relationship status. Most twin flames are in a very confusing or complex scenarios. One married, both married, bigger age gap, culture, religion..there are a lot of earthly parameters which are challenging their connection. (And that is what this journey is all about)

Many twin flames have not even confronted their true feelings to their twin flame.

So the question of “ending” things between them does not arise as it never started “officially”. Yet both of them know very well about this connection and there is so much going on between them.

But when the runner runs, there will be no ending or giving explainations, or official closure to it.

I feel this is the most prominant trait of twin flame connection. Nothing officially starts. Nothing officially ends. They keep connecting and disconnecting, they keep coming back to each other and every time they connect becomes a milestone in their spiritual journey.

twin flame ending relationship

  1. You are comparing your life with them.
  2. Somewhere you expect knowingly or unknowingly that when you aren’t happy they too should not be enjoying.
  3. You are hurt that how can they enjoy while you are unhappy.
  4. Last and not the least – you are assuming that they are happy while you aren’t.

Very important things to tremember:

  • Everyone leads their soul journey differently. Even the pair of twin flames.
  • You need not compare your life with them. Even if they are happy that does not mean they don’t care about you or don’t love you.
  • You have no clue what they are going through in their life, as on the surface everything looks bright but that’s not the real picture! (especially if you are feeling and assuming this based in their social media posts)
  • This feeling indicates that you need to work on yourself when it comes to expectations, comparison, assumptions and resentment.


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    Do twin flame runners usually give a reason for ending the relationship
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