I’m going all in with my TwinFlame | find my twin flame

I’m going all in with my TwinFlame | find my twin flame

this is a update…. that as of now…. I will not be letting my twin run or hide anymore….

If they build a wall… I will climb over it….

If they run… I will chase them down…..

this is now or never for me….

I will spend every living day… on reaching my purpose, my goal….

And I will not let anything take away what is destined for me….

I am taking control of my life and I am taking responsibility for my destiny…

I have travelled thousands of miles through hell…. And now I stand at the end of it all and say if I die for this… then so be it….

But I will not betray my heart anymore…. I will not let what the darkness has stolen, escape my grasp…..

I will not surrender, I will not retreat this is my calling….

The burning pain inside me that wakes me up at night…. That is my guide….

It says to me…. Every moment I don’t spend pursuing my goal… I am wasting my breathe…..

Years I have trained myself for this final battle….

Years I have spent readying myself to walk through the fire….

Years I have spent to build a warrior out of myself…..

And now….. now it is time…

To do what is necessary…. To do what needs to be done….

And so if you feel this burning flame inside you….. know that is your soul telling you to move towards your dream, your vision and to honour your heart….

No more waiting…. No more silence….

It is ours now to take….

For those of you who feel the same as I…. let’s start taking action and do not retreat….

fuck the feelings and the fear you find a way around the obstacles they have placed down…. And you go fight for them…. Fight until you have won…

No more hiding in the shadows….



The relationship is completely different and the karmic(s) have traits. Often there is some trauma bond or abuse.

My twin has a history of womanizing. On his wife and his ex GF.

When I called her she told me I was the 6th woman in 12 years to call her, which means there were many more who didn’t. The fact that she continued to stay when hearing of his transgressions (repeatedly) meant to me she had karmic lessons to learn. The fact she spoke so poorly of my twin said she had some sort of control.

I remember once telling my twin of the best sex I had with this really fit amazing boyfriend and how I couldn’t stay because he was the worst man I’d ever dated and he looked at me and said “but the sex was good “ ?

You should have stayed.” He was almost mesmerized by my comment about the great sex regardless of what I said about the man. That’s the addictive nature he had to his karmic.

The connection between you and your twin is energetic. It’s magnetic because of the energetic match you have with them. The physical peace can also be cosmic. I remember my twin saying how “amazing “ things were between us intimately but it’s not the same with the karmic. They feel like they “have to stay” like they “owe” the karmic even though he often said “I can’t elevate her “. “I’ve tried “. That’s because of the karmic debt that is owed her from a previous life. That’s why he couldn’t break the ties initially.

While there are triggers there is no karma, in my opinion , between twin flames. I’m not repeating lessons over and over with my twin. Each lesson I’m learning I am growing and moving on from. In a karmic relationship there are cycles of repeated patterns. They have to “break the cycle “ in order to free themselves.

I distinctly remember the chains coming off my twins soul one night as we watched them melt away once his debt was paid. He began to talk about her like a friend. It was another metaphysical experience I had with my twin. The rest of the time he stayed with her was his free will.

So, anyone entering his life now aren’t all karmics but rather lessons he may be teaching them or vice versa.

I believe there is only one true karmic like one true twin flame.

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find my twin flame
find my twin flame
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