some myths about twin flames

some myths about twin flames

These are some misconceptions that are not aligned with how the Twin Flame dynamic really is:

• That this twin flame connection follows the usual patterns of a normal 3D romantic or friendship relationship.

No, it will never follow those normal patterns, since it is much higher than that.

Therefore all the common sense and advice for a normal 3D relationship does not apply to it.

• That your twin does not love you, because they don’t want to be with you, they do or say hurtful stuff, they are in a relationship with somebody else, they ghost you or show indifference.

Your twin DOES love you immensely, they will always do.

Like nobody else in the entire Universe will.

But they agreed with you before incarnating, that they would behave like this so you would be shown what wounds, negative patterns, negative beliefs, fears you have, in order to overcome them.

• That the feminine polarity twin (“DF”) is always the one who chases and the masculine polarity twin (“DM”) the one who runs.

It can be the other way around too.

• That seeing a lot of synchronicities (like repeating numbers) means that Union is near.

• That surrendering, as in not chasing anymore, is the only thing needed to achieve Union.

No, it’s not the only thing needed, and I explain why here:

• That you are not allowed to think about your twin flame, because this is chasing.

Yes, you can think a whole lot about your twin, and it can be very beneficial for you, your twin and the connection.

But I explain here how it must be done to have a beneficial effect:

• That there are phases, stages, steps that all twin flamejourneys follow. No there aren’t. Because the TF dynamic is all based on energy. I explain about this here:

• That the only way you can be happy or fulfilled in your life, is if your twin is right there beside you, in a relationship with you.

No, this belief actually creates an energetical barrier between you and your twin.

It’s an obstacle to Union

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some myths about twin flames
some myths about twin flames
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