twin flame and sleep !!

twin flame and sleep !!

If you are a twin flame, you were a twin flame since you were born, in fact even from before that for several thousands of years.

That has hardly got anything to do with your sleeping pattern.

What may be the reason is – to have started awakening to your spiritual self and your spiritual path, there is a lot of energetic shift taking inside you, your energetic body is processing that shift and hence your body is energetically awake all the time – and so you can not sleep.

Too much energy in the body and too many thoughts that keep on crisscrossing within keep us awake in the night. These thoughts are often jumbled up, creating further confusion.

Suggest start unwinding by evening. Be productive during the day and write in a journal whatever is going within you in circles during the day.

Trust the Divine and take a step back whenever you start going down the path of what if and when will the twin flame return. The questions that stay within as such barely find answers for there are none.

Also, before you go to sleep focus on your breath.

Pay attention to it.

It helps.

Join the club, not slept well, since I was awakened, sleeping pills, don t even help.

Perhaps contact would help, somebody tell her for me.


It could also be…

Incorrect diet. Uncomfortable mattress.

Financial stress.

Emotional stress. Physical pain. Too much caffeine or content before bed.

Dehydration. A misaligned spine.

Not getting enough exercise during the day.

Unresolved conflict weighing on your mind.

Thinking about your “to-do list” for the next day. You’re room being too bright.

You’re room being too dark.

Not enough white noise.

Too much white noise.

The planetary alignment.

So… what are you really asking here?

Bc YES— you could not be sleeping, BC you’re a ‏twin flame

But the “not sleeping” is just an effect.

The CAUSE for not sleeping — we haven’t determined yet.


twin flame and sleep !!
twin flame and sleep !!

Maybe instead of asking the question the way you did, do you think its possibly, what you’re saying is…. Im having trouble sleeping BC I can’t stop thinking about my TF, so does anyone have advice?

Hi it could well be something to do with your sleeping pattern, my advice is to try and get out in nature ie walking the dog if you have one taking kids to the park ,if you have children, and a walk helps to clear the mind also this will balance you’re energy,

also you could be picking up your twins anxious energy walking up in the middle of the night or finding it hard to drop off ,

usually this is energy exchange from both counterparts minds racing not being able to stop over thinking , twins energy’s do get intwined and can merge between the two , grounding is a beneficial part of a twin flames dynamic .

Love and light xxx

My twin flame has been taking sleep meds.

I dream about her every night, but lately the dreams have been less intense.

She has been trying to drown me out with video games and medication.

I gave her insomnia after we put each other into “soul shock.”

haha I went through this just a few weeks ago, I was living on 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day for what must have been 2 weeks. But I think it was because I was waking up to all of this and I was researching and just looking for other reasons why I couldn’t walk away from him until it hit me that it is what it is and I was going through an awakening process,

funnily enough I didn’t know about twin flames until I googled why it is i feel like I’m talking to someone in my head (twin flame telepathy) haha mixed with other key words.

My twin and I are in separation now so I started to think I was going a little bat shit crazy when I started feeling him around but he wouldn’t talk to me in the physical.

Anyway, I knew he knew I was “waking” up and that I wasn’t sleeping much because the telepathy skyrocketed and I finally got back into a some what normal version of a sleeping pattern when I surrendered to the Twin flame journey and allowing myself to feel absolute love for him and myself.

I can’t actually 100% confirm that he is “awake” or that he knows but Iv learned to listen to my higher self and Believe he does.

Its possible you or him are just shifting or waking up, or he/she misses you very much, listen to your higher self send love, sleeping is for the weak anyway haha

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