The Reunion of Twin Flames

The Reunion of Twin Flames

The Reunion of TWIN Flames
TWIN Flames have planned to reunite in this lifetime, therefore they work diligently both of them to remove the blocks for the Reunion,
TWINS know, that the Reunion will take place, when they both are in synchronicity with the pulse of the Universe,

both are vibrating on the Higher Vibration of LOVE – both have acknowledged their quantum selves to reign the relationship,
once the state of quantum selves have birthed into their physical lives, there is no impatience,

there is no longing, for they have become ONE with the Light, they always searched for and missed out on,
the missing part is really because they miss that part of themselves,

which they had to leave behind before incarnation, their quantum selves, which always vibrates on unconditional love in the ONENESS state of being,

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The Reunion of TWIN Flames
The Reunion of TWIN Flames

the Reunion cannot happen in the lower field of the ego,

therefore these past memories of ego living has to be integrated into their soul wisdom,

so that they from the wisdom of their soul can distinguish between the values of soul and ego – no teaching is rejected, every learning here on Earth becomes a part of the soul,
in the quantum self there is no jealousy, no anger, no resentment, no judgment, no blame – there is only LOVE, for love unites, the lower emotions separates,
TWINS serve each other in bringing in more love; this is done by showing each other the emotional imbalances of lower energy – as long as the lower energy is there,

there is physical separation, because if TWINS were to live in these lower emotions, they would fight each other instead of loving each other,
do you acknowledge all of your TWIN Flame, do you accept what you TWIN Flame does,

or do you try to convince her/him to do something else, do you judge?
know, that you can never “fix” the life of your TWIN Flame,

it is always a personal task for each one to deal with and through the solving raise the vibration,
focus on LOVE for yourself and for your TWIN Flame
With Love & Light

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The Reunion of TWIN Flames,
The Reunion of TWIN Flames
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