Please do not make it fit if it doesn’t! Only you will know ! I mean it just won’t fit!    

“But did you feel it!” I keep hearing this in my head! Ok! But did you “feel” it???

While, it has a cryptic 3D connotation I will take you down a different road, as usual!

Twin flames, ok but did you feel it?

No, but we have telepathy…but are not in communication!

Ok but did you feel it?

But we have such great chemistry!

Ok! Great! But did you feel it?

But we finish each other’s sentences like I feel and sense their energy!

Wonderful but did you feel it?

Confused AF!

You know your split soul but did you not realize that they are you reincarnated, at the same life time, to work towards ascension!

They are you! The inner you reading this! The soul blueprint! The authentic version within, the one behind the lenses of ego and conditioning!

Imagine the merge of the two?

The principle of self love, makes so much sense but when you’re in the wounded feminine energy,

it’s hard to make the shift!

It’s brutal!

But the thing is that you can rest assured that feeling the feels is ok but you’re feeling the feels for something the other part of you is supposedly accountable for!

TELEPATHY | TWIN FLAME CONTENT .. Does that even make sense?

You’re blaming the other.. for the fulfillment of your desires! Whilst in reality, beyond the ego, you are actually pointing the finger right back at your self!

So, again, did you see your self? From the eyes of the other? Staring back at your self? With absolute love in your heart? Or not?

A reflection of your own initiative to work on your self love and surrender to the flow of divine love in all forms …. All the time embracing the feminine in the masculine embrace within your inner energy dynamic! Imagine you finding your own soul blueprint! Purest form! Energy

Now take the trip internal!

Give the safety to be your feminine! Give the love to the inner child that froze at abandonment, crippled with insecurities! Traumas and toxic cycles and patterns!

Loving thy self as you know you’re one with source! As when you can open up to see the other,

as …. just you … and if you can fall in love with the version of you that you see that

they see… sans your own ego judgements!

This is why you need to surrender! It’s so much easier to just drop everything and just let go! There’s no rush! It’s always there! Always has been! The ego just need to dissolve and you need to relax and find your vibe! Do whatever you need to do but chill out my Divine Feminines!

Cleanse your energy from remnants of your past



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