Why the dark forces fear Twin Flame Union؟

Why the dark forces fear Twin Flame Union؟

Why the dark forces fear Twin Flame Union?

 Twin flames are the bringers of light. We are the ones whom God have chosen to bring light to planet earth.

Our souls have lived many lifetimes and we have lived within the multiverse for many years at different locations. During these time we have had to face different challenges to achieve reunion.

In many lifetimes, we have not been successful.

Twin flames are the bringers of light. The dark forces fear and hate the light.

There will always be dark forces working against twin flames reunion because when twin flames achieve reunion it breaks down society boundaries which tie many souls in negative energies.

The negative energies which come from society boundaries include envy, greed, fear, hate, anger, depression and many others.

Think of anyone whom you have known that can not fulfil their life dream, live their best life, be free physically or emotionally, be with their true love, do what they want to earn a living, because of society boundaries…..

All twin flames are here to reunite and break down these boundaries. Each twin flame couple have a different task, a different mission a different purpose. This is what we signed up for.

Therefore, when you are facing challenges, when your twin flame is facing challenges, remember to keep the focus on being the best version of yourself because the mission will not only save you and your twin flame, it will also shine the light on others who are ‘’dying’’ to break boundaries but have no insipiration, strength, support or knowledge on how to do that.

You have to expect that there will always be servants of dark forces who are as strong as you are. While you fight to achieve unconditional love, they will convince you ‘’why that is illogical’’ ‘’It doesn’t work like that’’ ‘’It won’t work’’ ‘’That’s not who we are’’ etc etc etc. Being in a state on unfulfillment, of not loving yourself, not loving your life, this feeds into the power of the dark forces. Your negative thoughts, your low vibration actions such as addictions and other negative reactions, all feeds into the power of the dark forces.

Once you learn to love yourself unconditionally, you will no longer be willing to ‘’settle’’ that will bring you fulfilment and bring you closer to reunion. Your union will bring you more love, peace and fulfilment.

It will inspire others to break boundaries which tie them to unfulfilling lives. It will create a world which lives in alignment with the life of the soul, as opposed to the life of the ego aligned to ‘’society beliefs’’.

It will shine the light on the power of unconditional love and what it can do to change the world.
It will empower those living in abusive unfulfilling environments to step out and live their genuine lives. It will stop decisions made from anger, lies, greed and frustration.

It will save your future generations from repeating the karmic cycles.
What you can do… love yourself unconditionally.

Do not compromise on your love, peace and happiness. Do not ‘’dim your light’’ to fit in society beliefs. Do not listen to the voices which distract you from making decisions and choices which come from your soul. When you feel triggered, reflect on that and turn inward. Do your inner work.
Your unconditional love for yourself and your twin flame, is the love that will deliver the world to the supreme, to the divine, to God. You are among the chosen ones. You are a lightworker.

You are part of God’s army. You are the one who is here to change the world and make it the way it was meant to be. You are the bringer of paradise on earth.
Choose what aligns with your soul desire without shame or fear or negativity. There are no ‘’What ifs’’ because this is God’s mission and it will be as it is meant to be.

Do your part, love yourself unconditionally and do not compromise on yourself worth. You are, the bringer of light. Compromising feeds the dark forces.
Many blessings!


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Why the dark forces fear Twin Flame Union

Why the dark forces fear Twin Flame Union
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