Sex Misunderstanding

Sex Misunderstanding
Sex Misunderstanding
There are many women who think that their libido is very low.
And men who get frustrated becuase their women don’t want to make love as often as they do.
However, in most cases, it is just the result of trying to have sex in the masculine way.
Most of those women are trying to go into penetrative sex before they are fully aroused!
If you feel that she is inviting you into her Vagina (by moving her hips and opening her legs more), don’t hurry to go in, make her ask you!
Note for the woman: when you are ready to be penetrated (either with a finger, tongue or pens) — say it.
Man, don’t go in before that!
If she is not ready for penetration don’t take it as rejection – it is not about you. It is about her taking care of herself, and wanting (and needing) to be fully open before penetration, so that she can give you the fullness of herself, not just a tiny bit of her.
If you think she forgot to ask you, you can ask:
“Can I penetrate you now or would you prefer me to arouse you some more?
” You’ll be surprised at how much she is going to love this question, even if you have been together for many years.”

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Sex Misunderstanding 
Sex Misunderstanding 
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