The Great Awakener

The Great Awakener
The Great Awakener
The dark ages of 10,000 years are over!
The gods have returned!
The DIVINE SOURCE 5D ENERGIES that are currently overflowing on Earth are extremely powerful!
In the last few years, we have seen some shocking and unbelievable events in the world. The monstrous power of dark forces has finally come to an END!
They have been DEFEATED and totally removed from their positions in the world. And now, they are being removed from their positions in your life as well!
The DIVINE SOURCE ENERGIES are now very powerful on Earth, and they will continue to be so for some time to come.
This is happening because the forces of darkness have been defeated by those who love LIGHT AND TRUTH above all else.
You are now experiencing these POWERFUL energies more than ever before. You will see more miracles and signs than ever before, as well as NEW REVELATIONS about life that you never knew before!
It’s TIME for your soul to awaken and know that it can do ANYTHING if it wills it with all its heart and mind combined together as ONE unit (heart, mind, body).
In the last seven months, I have gone through an incredible transformation.
I found myself being pulled into a vortex of events that were so far beyond my control that it was hard to believe they were happening to me!
But they did happen, and now I am seeing what is going on around us right now with my own eyes!
We are in a time of UNPRECEDENTED CHANGE on Earth.
This is a time of great change, new beginnings, and the arrival of a NEW GOLDEN AGE on Earth! We must all be doing our part to make it happen!
YOU are in charge of the NEW EARTH!
The time is NOW.
The new Earth is HERE. We must all come together to spread the word and transform our world!
We are committed to spreading TRUTH and promoting LOVE, LIGHT, AND PEACE on this planet by sharing information about the ecology of our planet as well as its spiritual dimension.
We also work to create a network of people who share our vision of a peaceful world where people live in harmony with nature.
Spread TRUTH. Spread LOVE and LIGHT!
Don’t wait for things to come to you.
Go out and make them HAPPEN. Always stay in the present moment by using your heart!
The time has come for you to do so much more than just talk about it! The TRUTH needs to be shared with everyone around us so that we can all make changes in our own lives, individually and collectively.
As we move forward together, there will be only good things happening on this planet!
The GOLDEN AGE OF GAIA is emerging as we awaken from our slumber!
The new ENERGY is coming from within, and it will be a positive energy for humanity. This is the beginning of our GOLDEN AGE when we can finally live in peace and harmony with each other!
We believe that our planet is a gift from God, who created it in His /Her image.
New Earth is not affiliated with any religion or political ideology. We exist simply to promote spiritual awareness through education and personal transformation.
Earth is special.
We are here because of Earth, but we also have a responsibility to protect her and keep her healthy for all life forms that inhabit this planet.
This is why I am so passionate about spreading LOVE AND LIGHT on Earth.
It is our responsibility as LIGHTWORKERS to protect the planet and ensure that we are all safe here.
I want every person reading this post to know that there are other beings who live among us, too—beings with magical abilities who can do amazing things for us if we would only trust them enough to ask for help.
You don’t have to be afraid of them or think they’re weird; just know that ETs exist, and sure enough, one day, you’ll meet one of them face-to-face!
You have INFINITE POSSIBILITIES within you, but we can only see a tiny portion of them because your soul is much BIGGER than what we can see with our eyes!
Just open your eyes and SEE for yourself!
The NEW EARTH is within your reach: The Sun starts shining, the birds start singing, and the world is renewing!
We are now entering the NEW GOLDEN AGE—a time of dreams, visions, and new beginnings!!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.

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The Great Awakener
The Great Awakener
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