Twin flames mission on consciousness journey

Twin flames mission on consciousness journey
Twin flames have a common mission which is to contribute to the evolution of collective consciousness and the spiritual transformation of humanity. This is a journey of empowerment, expansion and growth.
However, there may be certain dynamics in twin flames that share similarities with emotionally abusive relationships. For example, a person tends to lose their identity and derive it from their twin flame, a dynamic seen in codependent relationships.In abusive relationships, a person may tend to feel overwhelmed to endure and stay in the relationship. If a person subscribes to the twin flame ideology, they may feel compelled to stay with someone who displays toxic or abusive behavior.
The chaser and runner tracked in the surrender stage can draw comparisons to cycles of abuse. This step repeats as the twin flames are said to trigger each other. This is similar to the cycle of abuse where there are episodes of tension, followed by an incident of abuse, then reconciliation and calm.
Below are signs that a person may be an abuser:
-extreme jealousy
-bad mood
-verbal violence
-beliefs about gender roles in relationships
-forced sex or defiance of a person’s refusal to have sex
-extremely controlling behavior
-blaming behavior
-controls all finances
-controlling how a partner acts and what they wear
-Embarrassing the partner in front of others
-harass partner at work
-prevent the partner from working or studying.
What you should keep in mind is People may idealize unhealthy relationships and label them as twin flames to justify them and normalize toxic traits.Some people who believe in twin flames may engage in harmful and dangerous behaviors. Some stalk their twin flames. They may also not notice or dismiss the healthy relationships present in their lives. Others delay relationships and marriage, believing they are meant to be with their twin flames.It is natural for all relationships to go through difficult times. However, it may be worth seeking professional or relationship advice if the relationship continues to experience repetitive problems and arguments. A person dealing with their own trauma may not be able to deal with another person’s trauma and issues, and it may be helpful to seek professional help.
A twin flame involves two people who share the same soul. Once these twin flames meet, it results in an intense and magnetic attraction and connection.These people share similar past experiences and traumas.
Their similarities and differences force everyone to confront their own fears and insecurities and come out of them. However, no scientific evidence proves their existence.
Despite this, spiritual communities claim that the phenomenon is real.The danger of this concept is that people can use it to justify codependent and abusive behaviors in a relationship. People can also engage in harmful behaviors in search of their twin flame

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Twin flames mission on consciousness journey
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