we and you !!

we and you !!

we and you !!

We are so interested in the ascension of humanity because you help us experience things that we would not be able to experience without you.
We watch your path with great pleasure and also partake in it as the helpers that we are.
We want to let you all know that everything will go well for you.
We want you to realize that you are in fact #dreaming this reality yourself and we also invite you to consider what a monumental achievement that is.

You are now following the hardest possible path and that means you are masters. Only masters take on challenges like you do.
You are all helped by us because we recognize this, because we love you and because we view you as the ones who create the most opportunities for expansion in this #universeThat’s exciting when you think about it, because everything you’re experiencing there leads to the universe offering more opportunities to all the beings that reside in it.

And you will experience all that you have created at some point in the future.
We want to help you experience what you are creating sooner rather than later, and so that is our goal.
We want you to enjoy the ride and we want you to relax in the expansion of your consciousness, but we also want you to #enjoy your creations, which at times feel like they are in the distant future for some of you.

These creations of yours coexist with you at this time, and when you have the confidence that you will receive them, you can do what you need to do.
Then you can live your life without fear, regardless of whether these manifestations reach you or not.
You are truly at the wheel as it is your creation; it is up to you what kind of life you lead.
Yes, there is karma, and yes, there are contracts, but those of you who are receiving this #transmission right now have been living for so long that most of your karma has been resolved and most of your contracts, if not all, fulfilled to be.

Therefore, as fourth-dimensional beings, you are the ones who determine what you are going to experience now by how you feel, how you vibrate, what you focus on and what you believe in.
One of the messages that we cannot emphasize enough is that we want you to believe in yourselves and also accept the help that comes from the higher worlds, for that help does not come because we think you cannot do it alone.
The help comes because we like to help and because he has to come when you ask for it. After all, receiving help is a manifestation; it is your creation.
It is a partnership, an opportunity for us to connect with you and an opportunity for you to connect with us and so many other beings in the higher dimensions.
It draws us closer together as a universal family and because it draws us all closer it also draws the entire universe closer to Source.
For in fact we are all one Being pretending we are not and making it all up ,

We want to constantly remind you that this is a universe of free will and that you can decide what you want to experience and what not.

We are thrilled that we are on this journey with you and even if you do not receive these transmissions regularly, please remember that we are still with you and watching you.
We  love and adore you and will always be with you on this journey back to Source.

Signs of your spiritual connection to the universe

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