If sex follows love, sex becomes amazing

If sex follows love, sex becomes amazing

If sex follows love, sex becomes amazing

Every one is thirsty for love but no one knows how to love, for love is not part of any education system, it is not taught like maths, science or literature. People don’t realize that love needs a long training of the heart and meditation alone can help the love grow.

If people start loving in the true sense the problems of today’s world like violence, corruption, destruction of environment will disappear. Because a loving heart cannot hurt anybody.

#Osho is the only mystic who has talked about human love in great detail. In the following piece he explains how love can become compassion and evolve the lower into the higher.

“Passion has to be transformed into compassion, only then will you move from the sex center to the heart center.

Now even your heart has to follow your #sexcenter, which is the higher following the lower.
Then your sex center will follow the love center, the heart center — the lower following the higher.
And this should be the order of your being — always the lower following the higher.
Then the lower becomes totally different, the quality changes.

“When sex follows love, sex becomes beautiful, a grace, a blessing.

When love follows sex, love becomes ugly, a destructive force; you destroy each other through your love. All the courts of the world are filled with persons who have been in #loveand now are destructive to each other.

Fifty percent of marriages break down completely, and the other fifty percent are continued somehow, not for love, but for other reasons — for children, for society, for family, for prestige, for money, for other reasons, but not for love

Fifty percent break down completely.

“Love has become so destructive because it is following a lower center.
Remember, this should be the law within you:
always remember that the lower should follow the higher, then everything is beautiful and a blessing.

Nothing is to be denied, there is no need to deny anything; only let the higher lead, because following the higher the lower changes its qualit.
And if the higher has to follow the lower everything becomes ugly.”

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