Take care of your energy!

Take care of your energy!

Take care of your energy!
Whenever we choose to respond badly or argue with someone, we create negative energy cords from the #solar_plexus with that person.

Whenever we have #sexual_relations with a stable partner or passenger,
we exchange #energy, information, exchange traumas, and create energy cords.

And the situation gets worse when we don’t know these details and we make choices out of ignorance without realizing the risk we are taking.
If you have strong #emotions about people you don’t like and see as your enemies,
you create #toxic_energy cords that drain the vital energy from your solar plexus.
A day when you lose vital energy weakens your body and makes you feel exhausted or without enthusiasm for life.
The more people you disturb or disturb with your words, with your actions, the less people will be positively connected to you.

#For example:

If you borrowed money and promised to return it and didn’t return it on the said date, you will remain connected to that person through an energetic heart in the negative sense.
And whenever that person remembers that you owe them, that heart thickens and squeezes the life force out of you.
The energy you lose because of ignorance and ignorance will cost you dearly in the future, and you will no longer have the strength to fight for your life and your health.

Every time you gossip or judge a person you do a great harm to yourself in the first time, energy cords will go from your solar plexus to that person who can be anyone, and you can destabilize your #energy_aura if that person is see without specific protection.

And if that person lives beautifully in communion with God and in harmony with both people and the Universe, the boomerang effect will be twice as great for the person who emits negative words and hugs. Just like the saying goes … don’t dig someone’s hole so you won’t fall into it yourself.

Negative emotions such as hatred, unforgiveness, judgment, criticism greatly weaken a person’s aura. The aura being composed of the 7 energetic layers of protection of every human being.

#Man needs a strong #aura in the world, precisely to protect himself from the attacks of negative energies.

Your energy connections are extremely important, they not only connect you to various places on the planet, but they are also anchored in events from your past.
You may have ties to past experiences from childhood, both traumatic and wonderful events.
From an energetic perspective, it is best not to have many cables connecting you to the past. It just blocks your internal circuits.
For example:
If you have had a scary experience as a child in which you were bitten by a dog or suffered emotional or physical abuse, you may have formed a linking cord between you and the energy of that event. (Just because something happened in the past doesn’t mean it’s over, you can still vibrate in your energy field. )
This means that in the future, if you walk past a dog or someone on the street instantly, the cord of that experience with the dog or person can pulsate and the trauma from the original event will change inside you subconsciously. You could have a terrible headache and not know why.
Most of us have hundreds or even thousands of cables connecting us to the past that can be activated at any time.
These cords can make it extremely difficult for us to be present in the here and now.
Most people have no idea the effect energy connections have on their lives and wellbeing.
We pull up on ourselves
The more emotions involved in that relationship, the stronger the attraction. Negative emotions usually create a stronger attraction than positive ones.
Everything is composed of constantly changing energy
We are not separated from the world around us.
Everything has a conscience.
Attachment energy bonds exist between you and almost anyone you’ve ever had a relationship or contact with. Information, energy, feelings of love, feelings of hate, or toxic thoughts can flow through these connections.
For example:
It is possible to have at the same time the same thought, or the same emotion that someone you are connected to by such a cord has. Feel her emotions as your emotions and even her thoughts as your thoughts, especially if she’s a strong transmitter or if you’re an open receiver.
It is important to know if the emotions you have are your own or someone else you are connected to through such cables. This is possible when you know yourself very well, without the personal self-knowledge of a high consciousness, you will never understand what is happening to you.
The key to success is knowledge
The more you are willing to change, to develop emotionally and mentally, the easier it will be for you to detect danger and know how to protect yourself from it.
People often die in a few days, precisely because their energy is blocked by power cords with different people or unpleasant and negative situations.
The more you raise your state of consciousness and invest in the wellness of your mind, the more you will live a long, beautiful, and prosperous life.
Money comes where the energy is good
Health is where the energy is good
Happiness is where the energy is good
Strong emotions like fear, hatred, unforgiveness, lamentation, dissatisfaction will always keep man in misery and in a sad and ugly life.
Emotions such as love, peace, gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, will bring a person all the desired good mood and no negative energy cord will attach to those people because they emit a high vibration and have an enlightened mind.
In conclusion, always take care of your thoughts, your words, your actions, and help yourself every day to improve yourself with good, useful and healthy thought and information.
By becoming aware you raise your awareness
See youuuuuuu

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