what is the ascension

what is the ascension

what is the ascension

There’s nothing like a strong dose of persecution from a close relative or even someone you don’t know,
to remind you that there is never justice in a situation like this.
The other person stays ignorant in their reality,
and you have the ultimate test in humility.
And it always feels like they are a narcissist but usually they are just acting out their reality – nothing more.

Many people go silent after that.
They bury their truth in their resentment and continue on living a false #5D reality.
But that’s not our path.
Our path is a constant test to maintain our balance between our truth and the language we use to connect it to #3D.

But let me give you some hope.
3D has come such a long way and we must stay balanced in our language to keep them on the path to enlightenment.
Before covid I took a poll on Linkedin.
The question was “Is the eradication of mental illness possible?”
It’s a test for #4D and 5D thinking.
An “anything is possible” question.
I could see that most people didn’t even bother to answer it but of those that did,
only 2% answered yes.
I asked the question again this week and I got 80 answers this time with 48% answering yes.

The tide is turning.
Do not cover up your truth but at the same time, protect yourself with a balance of 3D and 5D that you judge for each person.
Be clever.
Hook them with a story and then take them on the journey.
You will be surprised how many follow your path.
Good luck!

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what is the ascension
what is the ascension
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