starseed why do bad things happen to you

starseed why do bad things happen to you

Dear starseed , why do bad things happen to you?

Many people on the falselight newage new cage spiritual community are going to tell you that it’s your fault. That you should raiseyourvibration or that it is your karma

And in some cases this can be true. But it is not in all cases. And you have to learn to differentiate.

The truth is that sometimes, those who are weak in themselves, will take it out n you, not because you did something to deserve it, but because your frequency is high.

Your light is bright and your love is powerful, so much so That it infuriates their demons.

You may radiate with physical beauty that is a manifestation of your inner light, and they will #envy you .

You may have mad wizard skills from eons of evolution and they will despise you for that.

It is not always the case that you did something to deserve terrible treatment.

More often, it’s that you did something good and beautiful and they hate themselves so they will crucify you for it.

Many false prophets will revictimize you by claiming that you brought it on somehow yourself.

Do not agree to this in your soul if you know your intentions were always pure.

Rule 1 take accountability for yourself.

Rule 2- after being accountable for your own self, never EVER Carry someone else’s sin!

If one chooses to walk with poison in their heart, they will poison everything they touch. Do not let them touch you.

Nie możesz nikogo uratować

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starseed why do bad things happen to you
starseed why do bad things happen to you
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