The path to awakened Shakti | sacred feminine life-force

The path to awakened Shakti | sacred feminine life-force

The path to awakened Shakti | sacred feminine life-force

The path to awakened Shakti (sacred feminine life-force) will nearly always necessitate purification and vibrational ascension of the sexual energy within you.

True feminine sexual power is an alchemical, frequency-altering natural force that can influence consciousness on earthly and cosmic levels. When feminine sexuality is in full flow:
embodied, accepted, trusted, openly expressed and owned without shame or guilt, divine shifts occur within a woman, her partner, and the entire universe.

Such is the power of a high vibrationally attuned female sexuality,
that some form of clearing or transformative experiences around this issue are usually part of the feminine ascension pathway.

When Kundalini energy begins to stir at the Root Chakra,
it triggers specific healing forces that begin to work around any sexual blocks or restrictions present.
This can lead to varying experiences that are all designed to clear and heal anything that is obstructing the highest natural flow of sacred sensual vibration.

If you are at this place in your spiritual journey, the Universe facilitates whatever is needed to best prepare you for holding and channelling much higher sexual frequencies in your body and #chakras.

This can manifest in a myriad of ways:
periods of celibacy, sexual therapy, receiving loving and #healing touch in safe spaces,
identifying and working through past experiences of abuse or violation
(can be from past lives), examining emotional patterns and intimacy issues and so on.

It is very common to be drawn at this time to Tantra and sacred sexual practices,
or any arena or body of learning that supports awareness of Spirit through #Sex.

Many women who are now being actively called into Divine Service of the Goddess have practiced sacred sexual activities at a very high level in past incarnations.
It is this memory of channelling extremely high,
healing and ecstatic vibrations through sexual arousal and intimacy that is being re-stimulated.

Fully awakened divine feminine sexual power is phenomenally creative, healing and transmutative.
It builds a bridge between the temporal and spiritual worlds – aligning hearts, minds and bodies with the #Goddess through rapturous sacred union.

Many women have been called onto the path of higher sexual consciousness in recent years,
and many more will continue to be drawn to this purifying initiation into the #DivineAlchemy of Sacred Sex.

In this way, the Universe unleashes on the world a team of highly-qualified spiritual teachers in the form of awakened,
empowered females – gifting the Earth with their ancient, radical sexual wisdom.

Trust that the Universe knows exactly what you need for your re-initiation into the role of #SexualPriestess, drafted in to bring great transformation through conscious sensual pleasure.

Your #sexuality is imbued with wisdom, power, strength, unconditional love and acceptance.

The Divine Feminine sexual nature is holy medicine for the planet.
Healed into Wholeness, a woman initiated into her radical, powerful sexual being is a monumental Gift to the Earth.
~Sophie Bashford

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The path to awakened Shakti
The path to awakened Shakti
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